Top 6 Best Zbigz Alternatives For High Speed Torrents Download

Torrent is the best source if You are engaged to download the heavy files and media from the internet. Torrents are the best source but what if the Torrent will not able to provide the Required or fastest download speed?

This is possible because sometimes the seeders are less of a particular Torrent and That cause the low download speed. It’s not the fault of your internet connection. However, if You are looking for the solution to this problem then you are in the right place. torrents clients sometimes are responsible for the low download speed.


However, Don’t You have to be worried about this because there are some Torrent clients which supports Torrent to IDM (Internet download manager) Downloads. Zbigz is one of the Popular clients or we can say the torrent to IDM downloader.

But Due to some reasons Zbigz is no longer supporting the free seedlings and if it is then it will provide not give the proper download speed from a particular file. Apart from this, There are some limitations That you have to follow like you can download up to 1GB of the file through the Free version of Zbigz. Sometimes, our file sizes cross 1GB Limit then what we should do? in order to download the particular file for free.

Here Zbigz Alternatives comes into the game. You can use some of the Zbigz Alternatives in order to download the file in Full download speed and with no 1GB limits and before going through the main part, Let’s check out what Zbigz is and what are the features Zbigz is offering compared to its alternatives.

What is Zbigz? What are its uses?

Zbigz is a cloud-based private server which let you keep your Torrent files in his database safely. Zbigz Allows the users to convert torrents into a direct download link. So, They can download the torrent as the maximum possible speed. Zbigz is a cloud platform so you can easily run it through all available browsers.

It’s easily accessible. Just You have to upload the torrent file or Paste the Magnet link in order to get a direct download link.


  • You don’t have to register an account prior using the Zbigz.
  • It’s a cloud-based program so you don’t have to install any application for this.
  • Pause the download and resume it from where you left.
  • our personal account on ZbigZ will help in keeping all the torrents at one place.
  • Zbigz is compatible with all web browsers.
  • You can also download files in bulk using ZbigZ.
  • the hidden IP Address feature protects your privacy.
  • There are no network or software restrictions

Unfortunately, Due to some restrictions and limited download speed in the Free Version, you will not able to take a complete benefit by using Zbigz. However, You can check out some of the Zbigz Alternatives which supports High-speed torrents download with almost no File size limits.

Zbigz Alternatives For High-Speed Torrent downloads:

If You are looking for the High-speed torrent download client and that too other than Zbigz. Below we have added some of the Alternatives which supports the High-speed downloading and Seeding of Torrents as well.

1. Bitport:

Bitport also was known as is a Premium cloud-based Torrent downloader. Bitport was first released in November 2014 due to the high demands of Torrents downloader. Bitport work is Just as simple as Like the Zbigz It allows the users to convert the Torrent magnet link into a direct download link. So, the users can easily download it through the web browser or any Preferred downloader Example (IDM).

Whenever It comes to the alternatives of Zbigz. Bitport always tops in the list. Apart from downloading torrent through direct and fast speed download link users can also stream the videos straightaway directly from the torrent.


If You are thinking about the security of your connection then let me tell you. Bitport is highly secured with one of the Top SSL Providers comodo. So, You can rest be assured of the encryption of your connection.

Bitport enables the users to download Torrent directly from the free account but everything comes with a drawback and the drawback of Bitport is You will be only able to convert the torrent file up to of 2GB only. However, The speed will be same and there is no difference in the speed of downloading whether You are using the free account or using a Premium account.


  • You will be able to stream the Video and audio Torrents directly even in the Free account.
  • Free account Offers space up to 2GB.
  • there is no difference in the speed of downloading in the Free or Premium account.
  • You can continue the downloading in your cloud storage even the system is off.
  • SSL Encrypted, So, You can rest be assured about the Security of your connection.

2. Bytebx:

if You are looking for the alternative which looks exactly like the Zbigz platform then the Bytebx would be another great option for you. Bytebx offers the exact the same services and it is much better than compared to the others alternatives. Apart from this, ByteBX is offering a free trial of its premium services that will last for 14 days.


You will get around 100GB of bandwidth access to download any torrent file Through the ByteBX while Zbigz comes with some Restrictions for storing or downloading of any file. Therefore, there is no such restriction in Bytebx You will be able to Download the Torrent files through the fastest possible download speed and You can also store the unlimited number of files in the Bytebx cloud.

Interesting? Yes. You are getting a Trial of 14 Days Premium services so Obviously, the ByteBX is going to be Your first preference.


  • You will be able to download the Torrent at fastest download speed depends upon the internet connection that you are using.
  • You can easily stream the Video and audio torrents even before downloading them.
  • SSL Secured Connection.
  • Free 14 Days Premium Trial.
  • 100GB bandwidth for downloading Your Torrent.
  • Simple and Flexible user interface.

3. OFF-Cloud:

OFF cloud is another platform for downloading the torrents files directly through the browser. You can able to access the OFF Cloud platform from any of your devices and able to download the torrents Simultaneously.

OFF Cloud is one of the Awesome Torrent downloading service Provider and It allows You to download the Torrent Through a direct link with maximum Possible download speed (Again, It will depend upon Your internet connection). Apart from this, You will be able to Resume or Pause Your download anytime.


There are no file size limits. so, You will be able to download any torrent file of any size at the fastest download speed. The another best part of OFF Cloud is It’s totally secured and that’s the reasons why some of the Internet providers will not able to track your activity.

If You want more features and that too in cheap? then OFF Cloud will be the Perfect option for you. The OFF cloud premium services are kinda affordable. You can give it a try.


  • You can easily copy and paste the torrent link in Off cloud.
  • You can add Torrents to your account from anywhere.
  • You can connect other Cloud Storage services if You are having such as Google Drive and all.
  • You will be able to download the max of 2 Files in a day if You are using a free account.
  • SSL Encrypted.

4. FileStream:

If You are looking for the speed then what can be better than FileStream. FileStream promises you to Provide 1GBPS Download Speed for Your torrents but again it will depend upon the internet connection that you are using. That’s the Reason why Filestream is counted in the Lest of Best Zbigz Alternatives.

FileStream is a cloud-based browser downloading platform where the user can easily convert their torrent download link into a direct and fast download link. If Your internet connection is up to the mark the FileStream will offer you the unlimited download speed on Your premium account.


Apart from this, There is one more feature of FileStream That you might not be aware of and that is the sources which Filestream provides you to stream some Video or download some Video torrents easily.

FileStream is one of the Top secured and fully SSL Protected website. So, You can rest be assured about the security of your connection.


  • Unlimited Download speed in the Premium account of FileStream.
  • You can easily search and download the Torrent.
  • No Maximum file size Limits.
  • Compatible with Android and as well as iOS Platform.
  • premium service Starts from 2$.
  • SSL Encrypted.

5. PutDrive:

Putdrive is one of the Best alternatives for Zbigz and the services they are offering is really awesome. Putdrive offers you to download the torrent files through the Fastest torrent seed clients and thus it enables you to download your file at the high speed (Again, It will depend upon the internet connection that you are using). If You opt for the premium service of PutDrive then You will be able to download your file through 90+ File hosting services which enables you to download your file instantly.


You can register for a new Free account for the Trial. Then, for downloading the Torrent file Just you need to find the torrent copy the magnet URL paste into the dashboard of Putdrive and You are done. Within a few minutes, It will convert your file into a direct downloadable link so You can easily download it through your preferred browser or any download manager.

If You want to obtain the access for all the unlimited features Then you can opt for the Premium account of the Putdrive which is starting from 9.99 Euro a month.


  • You can download any torrent file with unlimited download speed.
  • You can add any torrent files there is no Size restriction.
  • If You are using a Free account then there is the limit of downloading the Torrent file in a day. You will be able to download the max of 1 File in a day on the free account.
  • The premium account offers unlimited features and the pricing of premium account starts from 9.99 Euro/Month.
  • SSL Encrypted.
  • Easy to use interface.
  • 90+ Hosting sites.

6. FilesLoop:

Filesloop is another Free and the Best alternative of Zbigz. Filesloop comes with both free and premium account access and thus makes it even better. You will be able to download any torrent file with maximum downloadable speed through Filesloop even in the free account.

However, if You opt for the Premium account You will get access of all the unlimited account feature and You can enjoy the real speed of downloading any torrent file or we can say converting any torrent file to a direct downloadable link. The Premium plan comes with monthly/Quarterly and yearly subscriptions.


Filesloop is one of the secured Torrent to direct download converter. So, You can rest be assured about the security of your connection.


  • You can use both the account based on your preference.
  • Unlimited download speed even in the Free account.
  • SSL Secured connection.
  • Unlimited Benefits of all the Features in Filesloop Premium account.

The Verdict:

Torrents clients are always the First preference of the users but due to the number of users has been increased over the past few years. That’s the main reasons why many of the users believe to use the cloud downloading services for downloading the Torrents files. In The Scenario, Zbigz was the Biggest cloud platform for converting torrent links into direct downloads links.

However, Zbigz also comes with some Restrictions in the free account as there are only some who can afford the premium and costly services of the Zbigz and if You not one of those then you can try the other Zbigz Alternatives that we have listed in this article.

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