Fix: “Video format or MIME type is not supported” video error in Firefox

While browsing the internet through one of our Favorite browsers and think in between you will receive an unknown error? How will you fix it? Recently The Solution for Chrome 500 HTTP error and Your connection is not the private error has been resolved but what about Mozzila Firefox? if we receive any type of error on Mozilla? Recently, It has been reported that most of the Firefox users are receiving “Video format or MIME type is not supported error” while playing the videos online.

Receiving Errors while doing any task is one of the heads burning issue. Especially, If We are doing something very important or watching something. Recently, One of the users who has received this kind of error has been stated these types of videos cannot be able to play in Firefox.

Do you really believe? apparently, I am not there is nothing like Impossible everything is having a solution and this types of errors are having too. Just You need to find out the correct solution which will work for you.

the Error has been Reported by the user who is trying to open then there is an error message across the screen where I would normally see the program. ‘Video format or MIME type is not supported,’ one of the Frustrated error.

Reason Behind The Error:

Mozzila Firefox has ditched some of the important Plugins which are responsible for playing these types of Videos. However, The one Exception Adobe Flash player which is Still Prevalent. However, There are few websites who include media content based on antiquated plug-ins. Moreover, some of the websites are not updating their database and the MIME Error occurred.

These errors can also occur if you are using the outdated version of your web browser and for this, You can try updating it into the latest version. Alternatively, You can try the below-given solution for Fixing these types of errors.

How To Fix: “Video format or MIME type is not supported” Error on Firefox

We will be covering the 7 Best solutions for The “Video format or MIME type is not supported” error Because we don’t know about the status of your browser and maybe you might have tried some of the given solutions and if not let’s check them out.

  • Add the Latest Flash plugin
  • Try Cleaning your browser cache
  • Clear Firefox Cookies.
  • Install the Media Feature Pack on KN and N Windows Editions
  • Add the NoPlugin Extension to Firefox
  • Try Resetting or Reinstalling The Firefox
  • Post Your Issue on Forums

These are the 7 methods which we have tried and mostly these are the only solution that will work for solving your Video Playback error in Mozzila Firefox. Let’s check them out one by one.

#1. Add the Latest Flash Plugin:

Usually, the error occurs due to the outdated version of Adobe Flash Player. Mozzila Firefox still supports the flash player so this can be the reason for getting Video format or MIME type is not supported error while playing any video. If You are sure then You can try the below-given steps to fix the outdated version of Flash Player.

  • Go through this link and download the latest Flash player plugin.
  • Follow the usual installation process and make sure to deselect the offers.
  • Then press the arrow button on Firefox’s toolbar (or Ctrl + J), and click the Flash installer to open the Adobe Flash Player Installer window.

Add the Latest Flash Plugin

  • Press the Finish button after installation.
  • Restart the Firefox browser.

#2. Try Cleaning your browser cache:

Another reason for getting this error is caching. Sometimes, even after the problem has been solved the error will continue and the reason is just caching that have been stored in your browser. You can try clearing your browser and see if it is worked for you. Follow below-given steps for clearing Mozilla Firefox browser caches.

  • First, Open Firefox in your system.
  • Then, Move Your Mouse pointer at the top left side of the window and click on the open menu button.
  • Select options from the List.
  • Then, Select advanced and then Network Tab.

Clear Browser Cache to solve mime type not supported error

  • Press clear now button and You are done.

You can check whether the error is still coming or not if still there is an error You can try the other methods.

#3. Clear Firefox Cookies:

This error can also take place in your system due to some corrupted cookies which are stored in your Mozilla browser. You can try clearing them and see if the error is still there or not. Let’s have a look on the Procedure.

  • First, Open Firefox in your system.
  • Then, Move Your Mouse pointer at the top left side of the window and click on the open menu button.
  • Select options from the List.
  • Select Privacy and select Use custom settings for history from the drop-down menu.
  • Then you can press Show Cookies to open the window directly below.

Clear Firefox cookies

  • Then You Just have to Press the clear button and You are done.

#4. Install the Media Feature Pack on KN and N Windows Editions:

Every Edition of windows doesn’t come with Proper Media Technologies installation and the important software that firefox needs to play media and video content. This issue can be the reason for getting the Video error on firefox. The windows which do not comes with the Inbuilt installation of these features are Windows KN and N editions. These editions of Windows don’t include don’t include Windows Media Player, WMP Active X, the Windows Media Device Manager, Windows Media Format and are also missing a few audio codecs. These Missing software and codecs can be the reason for getting the Video and audio playback errors in Windows KN and N editions users.

If You are on these windows Editions then I will suggest you install the missing Media Feature pack and it will solve almost every playback error issue. There are three Media Feature Packs for different versions of Windows 10 KN and N. You can download the packs from any of the three pages below. Install the Media Feature Pack that best matches your Windows 10 version.

#5. Add the NoPlugin Extension to Firefox:

If Still, You are getting the Video or MIME type is not supported error on your Firefox while playing any video and even after trying the above methods. You can do one thing, You can install the NoPlugin Extension on your Firefox Web browser. You can download the NoPlugin Extension from here.

NoPlugin Extension:

NoPlugin task is simple it will convert the webpage plugin code into the HTML format and then You will be able to play the same video without receiving any type of error. If Your browser is still not able to play the content on a webpage then You can download the media file using this Plugin too and play it in your installed media player.

With the addon installed Just You have to do is visit the webpage where you are getting the MIME type error. The video will automatically convert into HTML5 and directly play in your browser and if its still showing the error then press the Open content button to download the media content. Then you can play the video in a media player that supports the video format.

However, if This Plugin is also not working for you then you have to update your web browser into the latest version which supports HTML5. You can update Firefox by clicking the Open menu button > Open Help Menu > About Firefox. That will open the window below from which you can press a Restart Firefox to Update button.

#6. Try Resetting or Reinstalling The Firefox:

Another option is You can try Reinstalling or Resetting Your Firefox (That we have mentioned above). Most of the issues are automatically fixed by reinstalling or Resetting. Especially, if You are getting the errors continuously and none of the solutions is working for you. You can easily reinstall the Firefox by going to Add or remove program section in windows and then Uninstall Firefox from your system. Thereafter, Download the Latest Version from the Official website and then again install it on your system.

See if by updating the version of your browser can fix your issue. Most of the time Reinstalling or Resetting /Update anything Fixes most of the unwanted issues.

#7. Post Your Issue on Forums:

If Your issue is still not resolved then you can try taking the help of experts in some of the official forums. There, You can post Your query and You can expect the replies within 24 hours. I am pretty sure you will get the solution for sure. However, Before doing this You can try the solutions which we have added in this post and see if any of the listed solutions worked for you.

Sometimes, Forums are also not helpful as there are many queries related to the same Topic. However, You can also try by Posting one.


If You are getting the usual errors in your daily activities then trust me Your life is not a life anymore. Here we are talking about the Mozzila Firefox Video playback error which mostly occurred. The Video type or MIME type is not supported Error is one of the Most irritated error which has been reported by thousands of users and still not received a proper solution.

If You are one of them who usually getting this error then You can try the above-given solutions for this problem. There are chances that the error will automatically get resolved by updating the version of your firefox. Still, you can try the alternative solutions for the same.

Alternative solutions: That doesn’t mean the solutions which we have listed work every time. You have to try each and every solution and check out which of the solution is working for you. However, it totally depends upon the system you are using. Still, If you are having any doubts you can ask us in the comments section. We will be happy to help you out.

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