Teamviewer Alternatives: 5 Best Remote Desktop Software

Remote Desktop Software? In the 21st Century, There is nothing impossible. If You are stuck into any meeting and Want to access your computer just for getting the files. Here comes the work of Remote Desktop software They will help you to connect your PC Remotely From any computer. Just You need to have an active internet connection. Later on, You can access any files on your computer remotely. Gone are the days, When You have to come back into your computer for getting those important files.

Now You can easily access your files remotely using the Remote Desktop software. However, If We are talking about the Remote Desktop software then You Must already know about the TeamViewer. Teamviewer is known for It’s super fast and awesome features. Like You can easily connect to another PC remotely, Chat on the Window and even you can connect a Teamviewer call along with the partner pc. Sounds Interesting? Yes. Alright.

But according to the latest user reviews on the Teamviewer. Teamviewer may have some bugs or maybe Just because of Premium Pricing People’s are avoiding it. If You are one of them then don’t worry. We have listed some of the Best Teamviewer Alternatives aka Best remote desktop Softwares. You can check out and find out the best alternative for yourself.

Why There is a need for Teamviewer Alternatives?

There is a need for the alternatives of Teamviewer because Teamviewer comes with Time Limits. Meanwhile, If You are using the free version of Teamviewer You will be limited with the time frame and thus the connection will disconnect automatically after the specific Timeframe. That’s why The Guys around over here will always prefer the alternatives.

Anyway, Let’s come into the Main part.

Best Teamviewer Alternatives For Windows & Mac 2018:

There is no doubt in terms of connection speed and the other features Teamviewer will always come first but there are some of the reasons which force the user to move into the alternative of the Teamviewer. If You are looking for the same You can check out the listed ones below.

1. AnyDesk:

AnyDesk is a Remote Desktop tool. It’s used for connecting the one PC to the another Remotely. It has been created by AnyDesk Software GmbH. Moreover, It’s also available for the iOS and the Android Platform. Meanwhile, You can easily access your any Device from any Platform.

Anydesk - Teamviewer Alternatives

If We talk about the Teamviewer Alternatives? Then, AnyDesk would b my First choice. It’s the second reliable application in which I can Blindly Trust. The Best part of the AnyDesk is It comes with almost same features as TeamViewer. However, There is no disconnection issue until and until you are having a Proper Internet connection. Apart from this, The Screen FPS Rate goes to 60FPS which is currently a good rate for the screen sharing.

If We talk about the security of the Connection we used in AnyDesk then AnyDesk is using banking-standard TLS 1.2 technology along with 2048 asymmetric encryption. So, The every connection you connect will be verified by the above substances and then you will be able to connect to it. It simply means, Your connection is Totally secure and encrypted so while sharing screens or access any PC remotely. You don’t have to worried about any Privacy attacks at all.

Recently, AnyDesk is Upgraded to version 4 and they have added much more awesome features such as Screen Recording, Unintended access for MacOS, File browser mode, terminal Support. If You want to know my point of view about AnyDesk then It would be my first choice over the other Alternatives.


  • It comes with Low latency and fast data transmissions
  • Lightweight application. (Size will be around 2MB)
  • Cross-platform
  • There are no Restrictions in Free Version.


  • AnyDesk maybe has some Bugs.
  • There is no Screen Drawing Feature in it.

Pricing: Anydesk is completely free for personal use. However, The Paid Plans are starting from 79$/Year.

Download AnyDesk

2. LogMeIn:

LogMeIn is a cloud-based software for providing the solution for Remote Desktop connectivity issues. It was Launched in 2003. If You are looking for the Seconds Option that can take place in your computer over the Teamviewer then LogMeIn is for You. One of the Features of LogMeIn is It does not only allow you to connect any user PC remotely also it allows you to store, share the collaboration of files. LogMeIn Mainly focuses on the user experience that how the connection is going from one user to the another. LogMeIn can be a good option for any working professional.

LogMeIn - Teamviewer Alternatives

If We talk about the Features of LogMeIn Then it is having the ability to easily access any device remotely through the cloud-based program. You will be getting 1TB of cloud storage for easily storing and sharing of your files. You can also stream any videos or music in High-Quality Just you need to have a good internet connection along with you. Furthermore, Its available for every platform so you can easily access your remote platform using Android or iOS too.


  • LogMeIn is very easy to set up.
  • Drag and Drop Feature allows Easy file transfer.
  • LogMeIn is having the ability to record sessions.
  • whiteboard support.


  • There is no Free Version.
  • Sounds and Calling feature is not up to the mark.

Pricing: You can opt for the Free trial, Else the pricing of LogMeIn starts at $30/month.

Download LogMeIn

3. Splashtop:

Splashtop itself is an all in one solution for any professional business company. It Will Provide You a better remote access facility that you need. Splashtop is not only best for the individuals but also it’s best for any Professional Team. You can easily access your personal or any Shared Computers with any of your devices at any time.

If We talk about the Security. Splashtop is totally secured. Meanwhile, Your all remote sessions are encrypted with TLS and 256-bit AES encryption. In Terms of Security Splashtop will always come first. You can set a 2-factor authorization, Device authentication, and the 2nd level password option if you want a more secure session.

Splashtop can be a good fit for the companies who are providing a live or real-time supports to their users or clients. The best part of the Splashtop is That Your client doesn’t need to install any kind of software. You can easily connect to any of your client PC just by using a 9 Digit Simple secure code. However, If You are a person who needs the Splashtop for personal use then you can use Splashtop for free if the connections are between normal and local area otherwise, you can opt for its premium plan worth 16.99$/Year for the worldwide shared connections.


  • You can stream High-quality Videos and voice on the remote PC.
  • Better Gesture support for mobile device users.
  • Easy to use.
  • comes with Portable version.


  • Local area uses on the Free plan.
  • Cpu usage went up little high while using.

Pricing: Splashtop is Free for personal use, The premium Plan starts at $60/user/year for the business plans.

Download Splashtop

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4. Parallels Access:

Parallels access when it comes to the remote desktop application. Parallels Access always do the better job. Parallels access is one of the Fastest and simple Web remote desktop client and can be considered as a good alternative for the TeamViewer. One of the most important reason that why Parallels Access is in our List is its provide a better Experience Especially for the mobile users. You can easily access your all files Remotely from the fastest connection of Parallels Access.

Teamviewer Alternatives

If We talk about the features of Parallels access then one of the best features which I like the most is Never Drop connection. Meanwhile, The connection to the remote desktop will never drop (However, Its totally depends upon the internet connection you are having). Furthermore, Your touch inputs will automatically be stored in the computer that you are controlling after your first remote session.

While there are many remote desktop clients like the Teamviewer but the Parallel Access is only one who is focusing on the Mobile users and their Experience.


  • You can easily access any of your remote clients using your mobile device only.
  • You can able to Watch the Full view screen.
  • Comes with Excellent Touch support.
  • Proper gesture support.


  • You can only use this application on your mobile device only.

Pricing: Parallel Access is Free for personal use, It’s premium business plan starts at $19.99/year.

Download Parallel Access

5. Supremo:

Supremo is one of the best Alternative of Teamviewer or I can say the Best Remote Desktop client which itself is powerful. You can easily access the host meetings and Shared remote desktop clients in Just a few seconds. The best part of Supremo is you don’t need to install any application or patch. Just You have to download a simple file and once you open it the application will starts automatically.

Supremo - Teamviewer Alternatives

If We talk about the Security of Supremo then It comes with AES 256-bit encryption and you can rest be assured about your remote sessions.

If You are a business owner then I am sure you are going to love supremo as it will allow you to set a custom interface for your remote desktop sessions. hence, You will be able to customize according to your own need. Like You can show your company logo at the top of the interface.


  • There is no configuration or installation required.
  • Unattended remote access
  • Easy host meetings support
  • You can set your custom logo in the business plan.
  • One of the best and Modern user interface.


  • There is no Voice support.
  • Currently, it is not available for the Mac.

Pricing: Supremo comes with 21 days free trial, Premium Plans Starts at $113/year.

Download Supremo


That’s it. Everything comes with an end and the list for the Teamviewer Alternatives ends here. However, Getting a good remote application client which is suitable for both the personal and the professional use. All I want to say is If You are a Team of any Professional company then always opt for the Extra Premium plans which come with Extra security for your remote desktop sessions.

The Better Your desktop client the faster performance you will get. If You do have any questions you can ask us in the comments section we will definitely look into it.

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