How To Stop Spotify from Opening on Startup

One of the most frustrating thing that we are facing in windows is Automatically startups of applications. It has been reported by many Windows users about automatically startups of applications even we don’t need them, Applications such as Spotify, Adobe and Google drive to set themselves into auto startups and whenever you open your PC then these applications started frustrating you. Now You will be thinking why the automatically startups of applications is a problem?

Unusual startups of applications is a problem itself. The reason is Startup of applications chew all the available memory and thus your system started getting slower. The more the applications will open in the startups the more your pc will be impacted.

Today we are going to talk about Spotify. From a Long time, Spotify is having a problem with automatic startups and this also has been reported by many users. Spotify is creating this issue for the windows and as well as Mac Os too.


If We talk about Spotify then Spotify is one of the Most legal and popular Music streamers. Spotify is having a larger database compared to any other music streaming application. Spotify is available on every Platform Windows, Mac, Android and in iOS too. The smart and responsive user interface let the users feel the difference between Spotify and other music streaming application.

However, Every good thing is having a Major drawback and that is Spotify only comes with Paid subscription option and if You are one of those guys who want to use the Spotify for free then, unfortunately, Spotify is not for you.

Let’s come to the main part. Here we are talking about the Spotify issue which most of the users are facing. Well, We have added the solutions for both of the operating systems and You can try those solutions to Stop Spotify From Opening on startup. Let’s start with the Mac First.

How To Stop Spotify from Opening on Startup:

If You are already Frustrated with Spotify automatically Startup Problem which even effect on the performance of Your computer. Well, We have a solution you can easily stop Spotify from opening on startup on Mac and as well as on Windows Operating system. Let’s go with the Mac OS First.

  • Stop Spotify from opening on startup in mac
  • Stop Spotify from opening on startup in Windows.

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How To Stop Spotify From Opening on Startup in Mac:

Mac is pretty good and one of the most secure operating system. Which not letting the applications control over the system. In this case, Spotify Itself ask you before installation and maybe You have opted Automatic startup from the options. So, In this case, I don’t think there is any fault of Mac. However, It is good to know that mac os asks us for permission before doing anything (That saves us from many infected and harmful software).

However, if the option has been mistakenly accepted by you or someone else, You can easily turn it off. Let’s check out how can you do this.

  • First, You have to open the Spotify on your MacBook.
  • Then, You have to select the down arrow from the Top right corner and click on settings.

How To Stop Spotify From Opening on Startup in Mac

  • Select the Startup and Windows Behaviour Option from there.
  • Set the toggle next to Open Spotify automatically after you log into the computer to off.

That’s all. From the next time when You boot your Macbook. There will be no issues like Automatically startup of Spotify and all. If It does start again then You have to cross check those settings again and see if everything is fine there. If Settings are same as You have done then Change the settings to Previous and then again change the settings. (Sometimes, You do have to save the settings Twice in order to make the system understand).

That’s it. If You want to confirm the changes then You can do a simple restart again and check if Its work for you. Most Probably, This solution will work for you sure. Alternatively, If You want more control over the startups with applications You can follow the below-listed steps.

  • You have to Navigate to System Preferences and Users & Groups.
  • Then, Select the Login items tab.
  • Then You have to Select the lock icon in the bottom and log in using your Apple ID.
  • Uncheck the box next to a particular item to remove it from startup.

apart from this, You can even add an application by clicking on the “+” icon and change the startup settings accordingly. Meanwhile, It is a good Option if You want to plan the startup of applications like when the applications have to startup. However, The solution which we have provided is to Stop Spotify from automatically Startup and now You will be only able to open the application whenever You want.

How To Stop Spotify From Opening on Startup in Windows:

Windows is not much secured as compared to the Mac. Sometimes, It itself add any programs for automatic startups on booting without asking our permissions. However, It is still okay if the Program is doing nothing with the memory consumption and Lightweight but It can be a serious issue whenever any Program started slowing down the system.

How To Stop Spotify From Opening on Startup in Windows

So Let’s check it out how can you stop Spotify opens on startup in Windows.

  • First, Open Spotify in Your Windows PC.
  • Then, in The Top Right corner click on settings, Then edit and then click on Preferences.
  • Select Show advanced settings and then on Startup and Windows Behaviour.
  • Toggle Open Spotify automatically after you log into the computer to off.
  • That’s it You are done.

That’s all, Still, You can cross check the settings and do a restart and see if it appears again. if It does then do the same Procedure as we have done in Mac. Moreover, If You want to have more control over the startups of application in Windows (Like Mac) then You can check out the below steps.

  • Right-click an empty part of your Windows Task Bar.
  • Select Task Manager and then the Startup tab.
  • Select the Status tab to sort Enabled at the top. Enabled are those programs allowed to start with Windows.
  • Right-click on a program which you want to stop and select Disable.
  • Rinse and repeat for any app you don’t want to automatically start with Windows.

That’s all. You should have to remove all the startup applications expect the Firewalls and Antivirus and see if The Performance of Your system is getting back to the normal. Most of the time users feel the changes instantly and some of the users see the changes after a single Restart.

The Verdict:

That’s How You can stop Spotify from opening on startup. It doesn’t matter on which operating system you are. The method for stopping Spotify from automatic startups is the same in both of the Operating systems. However, If You are using a Mac OS then I don’t think It would be necessary as These types of startups doesn’t have any Major effects on Mac but still, the startup of unnecessary applications is bit irritating sometimes. Again, if You have any suggestions or alternative solutions or You want to ask us more about it. You can always leave a comment below.

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