How to Save GIFs from Twitter To Your Phone?

While Tweeting on your twitter account, you may have seen some GIF’s but you may have also noticed that Twitter does not allow anyone to save GIFs from twitter. It’s True, You can’t save them in a way as you do in other websites by right-clicking on your mouse and clicking on the “Save” Button

Still, what’s the reason? why we can’t save the GIFs from the twitter as we do on other websites? Well, Twitter converts the GIF into short video files which lead to increase the load time of the page. That’s the reason, Why we not able to save the GIFs as Images directly.

However, If You like any particular tweet which contains any GIF file and you want to save it then there are other methods too from which you can easily save The Animated GIFs from the Twitter.

Example of GIF:

how to save gifs from twitter

Save GIFs From Twitter

Saving GIFs File from is Twitter is still possible, but it’s not going to be as easy as right-clicking of your mouse and clicking on the Save Button. We have added some of the options below from which you can easily Save GIFs from twitter and download as it is.

Let’s have a look at those options.

How To Save Animated Gifs From The Twitter:

I am sure there must be an interesting GIF and that’s why you are here and looking for the other options to download the GIF file from Twitter. As I told earlier, It’s not gonna easy as just as right-clicking on your mouse, it may take some time and for this even you have to install some third party applications in order to save the GIFs image from the twitter.

Let’s come to the main part of this Article, Let’s have a look on those 3 Options.

Option 1: Tweet2GIF

Tweet2GIF is an Android application and also available in Cloud Platform. The main feature of this application is it easily converts the MP4 File from the twitter and gives you a proper GIF Image file.

According to me, It’s one of the Second easiest option to Save the gif file from the twitter after the Righ-Clicking one. If You are an Android user, Then this application will be a good fit for your device.

Tweet2GIF - save gifs from twitter
Tweet2GIF – save gifs from twitter


  • You don’t have to look for other sources in order to download the GIF file.
  • One Click converts and download option.
  • Free application for the Android devices users.
  • Easy to Install and use.

How To Use Tweet2GIF:

  • First, You have to download the application from the Play Store or else you have to open the Cloud Link. (You can open the cloud link from Here.)
  • Once You have done with the installation, Open Your twitter account and copy the link of Tweet where the GIF file has been published.
  • Open the Cloud app or application in your android device.
  • Paste the link you’ve copied in step 2.
  • Wait for few minutes till The application will convert the MP4 file into a downloadable GIF Image.
  • Once the application has done its Process, click on the Download Button.
  • That’s it, You have successfully Saved GIFs Image from the Twitter.

Option 2: Download The MP4 and Then Convert:

The second option in our list is Directly downloaded the MP4 File from the twitter and then converts it through any different platform. However, Its alternative solution as sometimes Tweet2GIF is not working or under maintenance, Then if You are really in need of that GIF You can try out this alternative.

This method is Bit Long but It’s one of the best methods if you don’t have access to the Tweet2GIF or Android device. Let’s come to the solution how this method will help you to Save GIFs from twitter.


The main reason to use this option is that sometimes, You are not allowed to access Tweet2GIF then you can use this option to download and save the gifs files from the twitter. As I Explained earlier, It’s one of the best methods but it’s also one of the longest methods because first, you have to download the MP4 File from the twitter and then look for any tool which converts the MP4 file into GIFs easily.

Let’s have a look at the Steps.

How To Download MP4 File From Twitter:

  • First, choose the tweet from where you want to download the file.
  • Then Visit paste the copied URL of the tweet.
  • Wait for the available quality options.
  • Download as per your preference. (It will take just a few seconds to complete the download.)
  • That’s it.

How To Convert MP4 File into GIF:

  • For converting MP4 File into a GIF, You have to visit EZGIF one of the best Video to GIF Converter.
  • Upload the video file you have downloaded from the twitter.
Video to GIF Converter
Video to GIF Converter
  • Then, Click on the Convert button.
  • Wait for the convert to be successfully done, Then save the converted file by Just Right-clicking on your mouse and clicking on the “Save” Button.

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Option 3: Save as a Screen Recording:

The third and the last option to save gifs from twitter is “Just do a Screen recording”. This, You not only able to Save the GIFs file but if you want you can create your own animated GIFs too.

Currently, everyone is having an Inbuilt option to do a screen recording. In case, If Your PC is not having the inbuilt option for recording screen then you can download some software (You can search on google for this) which can do this task easily.

Wait, Still, there is one thing left apart from the Screen recording.

Screen Recording
Screen Recording

After recording the Video file from the Twitter or any sources, You have to take a help of the software named “LiceApp” in order to convert your screen recordings into the GIF file. It’s free Software and available for both Windows and Mac operating systems. You can get a download Link from the official site.

The thing you have to do is Just Download and install this software into your PC, once you are done with the installation add the screen recording file into the software and then before you click on the convert button. Cross check the dimensions and pixels of the image you want and then click on save.

That’s it. You have successfully converted your screen recording into a GIF file.

This method is one of the Proven methods which works for everyone but the thing is you have to install one software. However, It’s one time process but later you can easily convert or create your own animated GIFs file.


While browsing the internet we are watching many interesting things and some of the things we want to save in our PC for forever. The Twitter GIF may be the one of thing which we browse daily but unfortunately, We are saving them in just a Video file or sometimes neglects. The reason, Because we don’t know the correct procedure to Save GIFs from twitter.

That’s the reason we have updated this article with some of the Best options to Save the animated GIFs file from the Twitter. So, The next time you don’t have to neglect or save as it is. Still, If You are having questions in your mind? then you can ask us in the comments section we will love to reply to you with the appropriate solution. Till have a good Day!

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