iMessage on Windows 10: 4 Proven Ways To Use It

Most of the iPhone users prefer to use iMessage over other communication applications such as Whatsapp or Messenger. But What if the other users want to use the same on their Windows Platform? That’s kinda Interesting Because once you started using iMessage, You will be habitual in it.

iMessage is one of the Top rated application for communication. There are reasons why Peoples always prefer to use iMessage on their iOS devices. iMessage is offering you fully encrypted messaging. iMessage is not like the other chat and communication applications.

iMessage does not charge on your carrier provider. Meanwhile, You can send unlimited messages also from any of the Platform. Currently, The iMessage is only available for the Mac and the iPhone users. Still, Many of the users Prefer this application and want to use on their Windows platform. If We Look at the features of iMessage then You can easily share media, use Reactions, Send stickers and make a group chat just like the other chatting and communications application.

iMessage on Windows 10 PC:

It’s possible to use the iMessage application on the Windows Platform. However, You have the guide that we have shared here properly, In order to install and use iMessage on PC. You can’t directly install iMessage and use it directly as iMessage is only available for the Mac and iOS users.

Let’s come into the main part, which is The Proven ways to use iMessage on PC.

  • Using the Chrome Remote Desktop App.
  • Jailbreak your iPhone.
  • Use a Free iOS Emulator.
  • Access iMessages History on Windows PC.

Method #1: Using the Chrome Remote Desktop App.

This is one of the simplest methods that you can use to access iMessage on your Windows PC. Chrome Remote Desktop is a client that remotely connect you with any users through the Chrome browser itself and provides you with the ability to access the screen and files of Remote PC. It can be also considered as one of The Best remote desktop clients.


  • You should be having one Mac and windows Pc.
  • Active and Fast Internet connection.
  • Chrome Browser Installed in both of the Operating systems.
  • Lastly, Patience.

How To Use iMessage on PC using Chrome Remote Desktop:

  • Do Start Your Windows PC along with your MacBook.
  • Next step is to Download the Chrome Browser for Mac and windows. (If You have not Previously Installed).
  • Now once you are done with installation of Chrome browser, Download the Extension named Chrome Remote Desktop using Your chrome browser.

iMessage on PC

  • Click on “Add to Chrome” button at the top right corner.

iMessage on PC

  • That’s it You are done with the Windows Part, Now Let’s come to the Mac OSX Part.
  • Open the Chrome browser in your Macbook and Install Chrome Remote Desktop Host Installer separately on your MacBook.
  • Once You are done with the all, Copy the Key ID from chrome remote desktop tool and connect it over to your Macbook.

iMessage on PC

  • That’s it. You are done and now you will be able to use iMessage directly on your Windows PC.

#Method 2: Jailbreak your iPhone:

Before Jailbreaking your iPhone, Let’s read about the JailBreak that what exactly the Jailbreak is. It’s the same as the Android users having the option to Root their phone in order to use some advanced features and It’s the same in the iPhones. You need to Jailbreak in order to use the Features That you always want to use in Your iPhone.

Jailbreaking your iPhone is the kinda illegal process. Though, Jailbreaks iPhones are not applicable for the Apple Warranty. Let’s check out how can you use the iMessage on windows after Jailbreaking your iPhone (Through not recommended).

iMessage on PC

Before using the iMessage directly on windows using the Jailbreak method, We have to first check out how can you Jailbreak your iPhone.


  • Your iPhone should be not having the Latest version of iOS Like iOS 12.
  • You will need an active Internet connection.
  • Cydia application.
  • Patience.

How To Jailbreak iPhone:

  • First, You have to download the latest version of LiberiOS and Cydia Impactor. That you can do by visiting the official website and Cydia Impactor from here.

Note: Don’t download from the mirror resources, as it may contain Viruses.

  • Next Step is to install LiberiOS IPA in Your iPhone. For this, open Cydia impactor on your desktop and connect your iPhone using apple lightning data cable. It will automatically detect your device.
  • After That, Just You have to drag and drop the LiberiOS IPA file.
  • On The Next Screen, You will be asked for your apple id information. Just fill up the required information.
  • Once You are done with the sign in Process. Open Your iPhone Launch the Settings app, and navigate to Settings > General > Profile(s) & Device Management (in some iOS versions it may just be General > Device Management).
  • Then, Click on the Home Button of your iPhone and Launch LiberiOS application there.
  • Click on Jailbreak and wait until the process completion.
  • That’s it. You are done.

How to use iMessage on PC Using Jailbreak iPhone:

  • First, You have to spend around 4$ to get an application named Remote Messages in Cydia.
  • Then on the Web Interface, You will be able to connect to this web-based interface using your iPhone’s IP address found on the browser, following “:333”.
  • Therefore, You need to follow the screen mirroring process and then you will be able to use iMessage on the PC remotely.

#Method 3: Use a Free iOS Emulator:

Emulators are one of the life saviours of many of the users moving around the internet and searching for the alternatives. Android Emulators Same Like the, There is something called iOS emulators which are available to download on the Internet. iOS Emulators are something which is currently in the Trend. As most of the users want to try some of their iOS applications on PC. However, There is one drawback too of using an iOS emulator and that is You won’t able to run all the iOS applications as these emulators are kinds of limited.

Anyway, Don’t worry if You just only want to Run the iMessage application on them, Then You can do it easily. Let’s move to the steps for using iMessage on Pc using the iOS emulator.


  • iOS Emulator (You can install iPadian though).
  • Active Internet connection.
  • Lastly, Patience.

How to use iMessage on Windows 10 PC using iOS Emulator:

  • First, You have to download and install the latest version of iPadian on your PC

iMessage on PC

  • Install the Emulator as usual, and Run the application.
  • Accept the terms and conditions.
  • Then, Search for the iMessage in the search bar of iPadian.
  • Just download it over iPadian and you are done.
  • Now You will be able to use the application in your Windows PC.

#Method 4: Access iMessages History on Windows 10 PC:

Although, above listed methods are still the best ones but if It does not work for you then, The only option to access iMessage on Pc is by Importing messages history on your Windows PC.

This can be easily done by the software named IMyFone. ImyFone is specially used for these types of purposes only, It will help you to import the data like messages etc from your iPhone to directly into your PC. If You want to know about that how can you import history of iMessages from your iPhone to your PC, Then check out the below-given guide?


  • Windows PC.
  • IMyFone application.
  • Active internet connection.
  • iPhone with the lightning cable.

How To Access iMessages History on Windows 10 PC:

  • First, download and install iMyFone D-Port on your system.
  • Then connect your iPhone using the lightning cable to your PC.
  • Launch the application that you have downloaded in step 1.
  • Now click on “Export from iOS” tab.

iMessage on PC

  • Connect your device and let is scan until the process is completed.
  • After scanning, the iMessages option will appear.
  • Click on that, and now you will be able to check all files of iMessages.

iMessage on PC

  • You can even export it or directly see through the application.

The Verdict:

iOS applications are way powerful than the android applications. The look, design and the performance they offer are totally above than the normal android applications. That’s the craze of using iOS applications on Windows in trend. Especially, the iMessage which is one of the most trusted messaging application. Unfortunately, iMessage is available for iOS and Mac only.

Still, you can able to install the same using some emulators or Remote Desktop clients in your Windows PC. That’s sounds Great. Exactly. Do let us know in the comments section that what you think about this application. However, you can also post your queries and we will be happy to look into them.

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