How To Fix “Your connection is not private error” in Chrome

Most of us are using Google Chrome as our primary browser for surfing and as well as downloading. Sometimes, While surfing over the internet you must have noticed that there is an error named “Your connection is not private” or “Your session is not private” occurs in Chrome. It’s critical problem if your browser shows you “Your connection is not private error” Because if your connection is not private then it’s clear sign that your data might be leak over the internet.

This error may occur if the connection between server and SSL is not secure. However, this type of error mostly occurs on Chrome web browser even all the things are good at the server end. Sometimes, It shows when your SSL Certificate is expired or Even the error may occur if your website still has some “HTTP” pages.

But if the Main cause of this error is Chrome Browser then try out below given solution to find out a fix for it.

How To Fix Your Connection is not Private Error in Chrome?

There are 4 Things which you can try to Fix The Your connection is not private error in chrome only if the things are fine from the website server end. Let’s have a look on those 4 options.

Change Time & Date:

Sometimes, this error can occur from the wrong time and date in your system. As there are chances that if we are having a wrong time and date in our system then it will not match with the server time and date. So, This can be one of issue that you are receiving a “Connection is not private Error”.

So, How to change the time and date of our system? Well, if you are a window operating user then it will be easy for you to change the date and time of your PC. Follow some simple steps below to change the date and time of your system.

  • Move mouse pointer towards the right down screen of your PC and do a Left Click on your mouse.

How to fix your connection is not private error

  • Choose the second option “Adjust Time and Date”.

How to fix your connection is not private error

  • Now select the timezone according to your Preference or select country wise.
  • Then Click on the save button and you’re done.

Try Cleaning Cookies & Cache:

Sometimes, When we are browsing any website regularly then there are chances that our browser will store some cookies and cache files for the same website and suddenly if You have installed the SSL certificate in your website and Your browser started showing you “Connection is not private error” then There must be a problem with some cookies and caches of your Chrome browser. If this is causing an Error, Then Try clearing the cookies & caches of your browser.

  • You can do it simply By Going through settings on the top right corner.
  • Click on advanced settings.
  • Then Tick on Cookies and Caches.

how to fix your connection is not private error

  • Click on the clear button and You’re done.
  • Now Try Reloading the website in which you are receiving the error.

Terminate your Chrome tasks:

Still, if you are facing issues, Then try to terminate all of your chrome tasks as it will not only give a Fresh to your browser as well as your system. As Chrome consumes a lot of memory. You can Terminate your chrome tasks easily be following a below command lines.

  • First You need to open a Command Prompt.
  • You can open Command Prompt by Clicking on the start menu and There you have to type “Command”.
  • Open and Run command Prompt as “Run as Administrator”.
  • Then when a Black screen comes, Type TASKKILL /IM chrome.exe /F and Press enter.

how to fix your connection is not private error

  • Then it will start it’s processing to kill all the running chrome tasks.

Adding “-ignore-certificate-errors” in Chrome:

If You’re still getting an error after trying all the above options. Then you can do one thing Try to add an “Ignore certificate errors” Shortcut in your chrome browser. By adding this, You will be able to browse the website without any errors and this you can be done by following below simple steps. Let’s check out how you can add “-Ignore-certificate-errors” in Chrome.

How to add “-ignore-certificate-errors” in Chrome?

  • On Your desktop point your mouse on the Chrome Shortcut out there.
  • Right click on it and click on the properties.
  • In Target section: Add “-ignore-certificate-errors”.
  • That’s it. Now Trying opening the website on which you are getting “Your connection is not private error”.

I am sure this will be a permanent fix for these types of error. But if You’re owning the website in which you are receiving the error then you must do a cross-check with the connection between your SSL Certificate to your Web hosting server.


We are getting a lot of errors daily on the internet such as 500 Internal Server error or sometimes the one which we have discussed today “Your connection is not private Error”. I can understand how annoying these errors are. But everything has a solution on the internet.

However, This error is being caused to the user if the site having issues with their SSL Certificate maybe the SSL Certificate of the site is expired or If You the website recently moved to the HTTPS version then there are few chances that the sight might get an error like this.

However, Most of the users who becomes victims of this error is fixed by Just clearing the browser caches or adding an Ignore Certificate errors in chrome properties. If You do having some another Fix for this Error then do let us know in the comments. We will be happy to look into your opinion.

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