How To Fix A Device Attached To The System is Not Working Error?

Having some of the important files on your Phone? Like Wedding Photos, Photoshoots or some Important other documents which you want to transfer it on your PC or Laptop. But Unfortunately, An Error comes in your screen named “A Device Attached To The System is not working”.

I Know You must be frustrated with this error, not only you there are many other users who are still facing this kind of issue in their Windows 10 PC. Wait? But Why Windows 10 only? Per the recent release, many peoples don’t update their windows for the latest security and Performance update or if any another USB device is connected and that’s the reason for these kinds of errors.

Not me, Not You and nor any windows is responsible according to me for “A Device Attached To The System is not working” Error. These kinds of errors are often shown in other windows version too.

How To Fix A Device Attached To The System is not working:

Now You are having a question? That What will be the fix for these kinds of errors? Well, We have listed some Fix for the Error “A Device Attached To The System is not working”. Let’s have a look into the solution.

Solution 1: Reconnecting and Trying another USB Port:

If You are getting an Error in your screen then it may be because of the USB port or maybe any other devices are still connected to the PC. This case, You can try reconnecting your USB Device and if It’s Still not working then change the USB port and try on another USB port.

Make sure the cable You are using is not defective and supports data file transfer and if any other devices are still connected to the computer. Try to remove them all and then try reconnecting or Reconnecting by using another USB port.

This is the Easiest solution you should try before the main Troubleshooting.

Solution 2: Restarting Your PC:

According to the research by programmers, Restarting the computer solve many these kinds of errors automatically Because sometimes our PC needs to be refreshed. So, If You are still facing an error after Troubleshooting with Solution 1, then try to restart your computer (You can do this by Pressing ALT+F4 together). Select Restart from the drop-down menu and then click on restart.

Windows 10 Shut Down
Windows 10 Shut Down

Once the restart process is completed try connecting the device again as now your problem may be fixed. If Still not? then Let’s try the third option.

Solution 3: Format Your Device:

These kinds of error also occurred when the files are transferred to a device where the format is not actually done. Sometimes, Without proper formatting, the device ends up with the block storage or sometimes it may contain some Viruses which is necessary to remove them. If This is the issue in your case then try to Reformatting the device from your PC and the Error will solve automatically. Let’s see how can we Format a USB Device Properly.

  • First, You have to connect your device to the computer.
  • After you are done with the first step, Double click on “This PC” or “My Computer” on the desktop.
  • Right click on your USB Device.
  • Choose the Format as an option from there.
Format Your Device
Format Your Device
  • Click on “Quick Format” and the Start.
  • That’s it, Your Device will be formatted within a few seconds and again work like a charm.

This solution is the Quickest Fix for This error, I am sure formatting your device will surely help you. Still, Let’s have a look at our other alternative solutions which are Solution 4 and Solution 5.

Solution 4: Running SFC and DISM Commands:

There is a possibility that defect in your PC not on your device and for this we can perform an SFC and DISM Checks. If The errors found then we can proceed with DISM.

SFC (System File Checker) is an Inbuilt Microsoft Utility Tool. The main task of this utility tool is to check whether there are any corrupt files on the PC/Computer or not. It’s one of the best tools to check and Diagnose our PC issues and we can have a look whether the error is due to the corrupt files on the computer.

Let’s Try Running SFC and there is the possibility we will get the Three below-listed response only.

  • Windows didn’t find any integrity violations
  • Windows Resource Protection found corrupt files and repaired them
  • Windows Resource Protection found corrupt files but was unable to fix some (or all) of them

Now, What will be the solution if you get the third response from above 3 mentioned. Well, You can have a look at the solution below if you got a third response from the list which is “Windows Resource Protection found corrupt files but was unable to fix some (or all) of them”.

  • Prest Windows Start Button + R and the dialog box will appear in your screen named “Run”.
  • Type taskmgr in the dialog box and press enter.
Run Dialog box
Run Dialog box
  • The task manager will appear on your screen.
  • Now Click on File option in the top left side and click on “Run new task”.
  • Now Type “Powershell” in the dialogue box and Press enter.
  • The Command Prompt will appear on your screen.
  • Make sure you have created this new task with administrative access.
  • Once the Windows PowerShell is opening in your screen type “sfc /scannow” and hit Enter.
  • if The Error is Third one, then run any of these commands: “DISM /Online /Cleanup-Image /RestoreHealth” in the PowerShell.
  • This will help you to automatically download corrupt files and fix them.

You can try restarting your pc once the process is complete and may be due to this you are receiving an Error.

Option 5: Updating Device Drivers:

If You are one of them like me who don’t like to update the device drivers. Well, This can be an issue and the reason for this error. Try to update your current device drivers. Update your current device drivers and see if the problem is resolved or not. There are two ways to update the device drivers one is Automatic – Where windows will search and update each driver automatically and second is manual – where you have to search, download and then update. Both of the options are good below we have added how can you do it by automatically or manually.

Let’s have a look at it.

  • Open your PC and Press “Start” + “R” button Together.
  • A Dialogue Box Named “Run” Will appear in your screen.
  • Type devmgmt.msc in the dialogue box and hit Enter.
Run dialog box
Run dialog box
  • Then select the driver from the drop-down menu and click on the update.
Update Driver
Update Driver
  • Now a popup box will appear which will ask you whether you want to do manually update or automatically.
  • If You opt for the manual then make sure you have already downloaded the latest version of the specific driver.

These above are the 5 Best Options to Fix A Device Attached To The System is Not Working Error, but Still, if any of these options is not working out for you then you can try the last and time-consuming option which is Repairing Your windows.

Option 6: Repairing Your Windows:

Repairing or Reinstalling windows is one of the time-consuming tasks. But For having an all-time solution to our problem we have to do this. Sometimes, our windows files got corrupted which is not fixed by just updating the driver and reinstalling or Formatting the USB drive, the windows need to be repaired on its own.

There is a chance that sometimes due to uninstalling unwanted software such as Chrome Extensions, Which also lead to This connection is not private error and can cause many other issues to your PC. That’s the reason the repair of windows should be done.

Important Note: Do Try this solution after trying all alternative solutions which are listed above Because this solution can even corrupt your windows.

Final Words:

Getting an error is like getting irritated all the time and especially when we want to move our important files from our mobile to our PC. These errors are often shown in our Laptop lifestyle.

Getting rid of these kinds of errors looks easy but unfortunately, it’s not because sometimes the solution of the problem is worked (Luckily) and sometimes, It’s not even working and we have to choose the last option which is “Repairing the windows”.

Anyway, we have added the best solutions above and I am sure one of the listed solutions will surely gonna work for you. If You are one of them who is facing this error and then do try the solution and share your results in comments. It will help other users too. Apart from this, You can always leave a comment if you have any questions related to this post.

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