How To Fix 500 Internal Server Error? – Most Common Issue

Generally when we are browsing through any websites. Sometimes, There is an Error “500 Internal Server Error” The most common issue which most of the webmasters are facing and most probably the users think that there is a problem on their internet connection and That’s why this is happening, Yes it can be a cause but most probably the defects are on website server sides. Whenever there is any change in the file or something done in the wrong way the 500 Internal error issue occurs.

Now Most probably this issue is fixed by just changing or deleting some of the corrupted files. But still, if you are one of them who is facing this issue, then we have brought a solution for you. But before going directly to the solution Let’s learn about some types of 500 Internal server error.

You Might have seen these types of 500 Error:

500 Internal server error can be seen by any of the below-given error messages because each website who is showing an error is allowed to customize the Error message.

Here are some of the common messages you will receive for while you face the error:

500 Internal Server Error
HTTP 500 - Internal Server Error
Temporary Error (500)
Internal Server Error
HTTP 500 Internal Error
500 Error
HTTP Error 500
500. That's an error

Since, This error is generated by the website itself so you will receive this error on your smartphone, desktop even in any browser and operating system.

Cause of HTTP 500 Internal Server Error:

As like we have mentioned in the above paragraph. The internal error which indicates there is something mishappened in the website, generally something wrong. Most of the time “wrong” means the issue can be from your hosting service provider or the recent changes which are done by the webmaster.

Note: If you want to go more specific then here is the information of particular HTTP 500 Error is often shown to the users when the server is using on Microsoft IIS Software. Like, You can look upon the number after 500 Means if You’re getting this type of HTTP Error 500.19 – Internal Server Error. Which clearly indicates the server configuration data is invalid.

What to do if I get HTTP 500 Error? Well, You can wait upon or try to contact the webmaster and let them know about this Error. An alternative option, Try after sometimes. Also look out for the other options below to Fix 500 Internal Server Error.

How To Fix 500 Internal Server Error?

As we have already mentioned above, The internal server error is because of server-side issues means there is no fault in your computer. Still, If you think that something is wrong in your end then you can try out below options and see if it’s worked for you.

  1. Reload The Webpage:

If You’re getting a 500 Internal server error. Then Probably, You’ve changed your internet connectivity or Getting a low speed. In this case, Try to reload the page. You can simply Reload it by clicking on Your browser “Reload” icon and If You’re chrome browser user then you can simply point your mouse to the top left side and click on the Half circle sized icon. Alternatively, You can press an F5 Button on your keyboard and the page will be reloaded itself.

reload the webpage
reload the webpage

2. Clear Your Browser Cache:

Sometimes, when a server issue occurs on the website server side and if you’re trying to open the website at the same time then there are some chances that your browser may have some cache history of that particular website. In this case, You can simply clear your browser cache and try to reload the webpage.

clear browser cache

3. Delete Your Browser Cookies:

Sometimes, Most of the 500 Internal server Error issues can be solved by just clearing your browser cookies. As most of the time, When we visit any website there are chances that our browser will store a particular cookie for that particular website. In this case, You can simply try to clear your browser cookies.

How To Clear Cookies? If You’re a Chrome Browser user follow these steps:

  • Go to the settings of your browser.
  • Click on Clear Browsing history.
  • Choose what you want to clear just uncheck what you don’t want to delete.
clear browsing data
clear browsing data
  • Tick on Clear Cookies & Data and the press Delete and you’re done.

4. Troubleshoot:

Sometimes, 500 HTTP Internal Server Error often shows whenever there is a Problem in our network connection and the 504 Gateway Error often shows as 500 Internal server error. In this case, You can Restart all of your network devices and after restarting reload the webpage and see if it’s worked for you.

5. Contact The Website Owner:

The Fifth and last option is to contact the website owner directly and let them know about the issue which you are facing on their website. You can check the contact details of the owner through Sometimes, They have already an idea about this issue but sometimes they don’t so if you’re one of their avid readers then you should directly email the website owner and let them know about the issue.

6. Try After Sometimes:

Most Probably, we have tried all the possible solutions to Fix 500 internal server error still if you’re getting an Error. Then there is no other option left than waiting. You can wait and try to reload the website after sometimes. As the issues are on the server side so we can not do anything at our end to resolve this issue.


500 Internal Server error is a common issue which most of us usually faced and if you’re one of them don’t blame your network connection, computer or your operating system. As we have already mentioned above its root cause of server and you can’t do anything to fix it at your end. Still, Try some of the options above to Fix 500 Internal server error and see if you get success. Still, if you have anything left to ask you can ask us in the comments section.

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