Find PS4 Mac Address: Everything You Need to Know

If You are owning a router, console or any physical hardware. It must be having a unique mac address in addition to the IP address Provided to your router and consoles. Now, You must be curious about the mac address, Why there is a need for a mac address in every physical hardware.

A media access control address (MAC address) of a device is a unique identifier assigned to a network interface controller (NIC) for communications at the data link layer of a network segment.

Let’s come to the question? For what exactly the mac address is used?

MAC address are very important in addition to your IP address It helps to make your ethernet works. Each of the network cards is having a unique mac address that passes the packets through the same address and receives it also.  it is comparing the packet’s destination MAC address to the adapter’s own MAC address. If the addresses match, the packet is processed, otherwise, it is discarded. The mac address will look like: ff:ff:fff:ff:ff

Now the Next question is How do IP addresses and MAC addresses work together?

IP is a protocol that is used on a layer above ethernet. Another protocol, for example, would be IPX. When you PC wants to send some packets to the IP address then it will first check out the destination address and if the packets don’t get the response from the destination IP address it will move into the Router address and That’s how Mac and IP address works together for receiving and send packets.

Other Uses For Mac Address:

  • The network you are using must have stored a list of MAC addresses and that is seen at every port. Apart from this, It only forwards the packets to the ports that need to see the packets.
  • Some of the Wireless access points often use Mac address control access.
  • DHCP servers use the MAC address to identify devices and give some devices fixed IP addresses.

That’s all You need to know about the Mac address of your Hardware. It was necessary to explain the Mac address before coming to the main topic directly. The main Topic is how to find PS4 mac address? Most of the users even don’t know about the PS4. So, Let me clear that concept also.

What is PS4?

PS4 (PlayStation 4) is a gaming console made by the SONY. PS4 is one of the Best Gaming consoles that has been used so far for playing some high quality and high graphics games those are not available for PC platform. Apart from this, PS4 is a Direct giving competition to the newly launched Xbox one. In India, PS4 pricing starts at Rs 25000. If You want to Play some Real High Graphic games then the PS4 is for you.

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Why There is the need for PS4 Mac Address?

There is the need for PS4 Mac address and it’s advisable to always copy it somewhere safe. If Your PS4 console has been stolen or lost then the Mac address will help you to find it. As Explains, Earlier Mac Address is a unique hardware address that has been given to every hardware for tracking and working purposes.

Now Let’s come to the main part. How can you find the Mac Address on your PS4?

How to Find PS4 Mac Address?

Sony always offers two options for their users aka gamers. They offer both Wireless and wired consoles. Most of the gamers want to use the extra security system thus they filter the mac address as their extra layer of the security system. In order to add the MAC address of the PS4’s WiFi or ethernet ports to our router, we will need to find out how to access where that information is stored on our PS4.

In many of the network configurations, You will need to find and know the mac address of your console and for this, you can follow the below given steps.

  • Open Your Console, Go Through the XMB.
  • Click on the XMB Menus.
  • Scroll over to the settings.

Go to settings first to find PS4 Mac address

  • Once You are under the settings, Do down to the Network and click on it.

Select Network

  • Once you are under the Network, Go down and click on View connections.

View Connection Status

  • There, You’ll be able to find the MAC address of your PS4 Console.

find ps4 mac address for Lan Cable and Wifi

  • Now You can add this mac address to your Router for Filtering.

The Verdict:

Mac addresses are very important in terms of security and in case of Stolen or lost of the hardware. There is a reason why there is a unique mac address on every single hardware. From router to the consoles each of the digital hardware comes with Mac Address. According to us, It is the best step which has been taken by the developers so they will be having a unique ID for each physical hardware.

Apart from this, You can also track your stolen device by doing an FIR and mentioning the Mac address of your Device. As it makes the tasks easier for them to find your stolen device. If You will ask my suggestion on this, Then I will always suggest you keep a safe copy of your device mac address somewhere else.

However, PS4 is the Big Device and I don’t think that is easy to steal it from anyone. Games often use the mac address for adding an extra layer of security to their PS4 System. Furthermore, It doesn’t matter you on the wireless PS4 console or Wired You will be able to find PS4 mac address on both of the consoles and add them for your extra layer of security. If You are still having any doubts? You can always ask us in the comments section we will be happy to help you with your query.

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