How To Disable Incognito Mode in Chrome Android

Being a Parent is always a Difficult Task. You are having the responsibility of your children. In Today’s era, Every child demands a smartphone after the age of 16. That’s something I can say good or according to the society where we are living it is completely wrong. Basically, Children’s should not be having a smartphone before the age of 18.

Why 18? According to the law and science, the hormonal changes have been already done till the age of 18 and they grew with some maturity and sometimes with responsibility. Being a parent, It is important for you to keep a check on your child daily smartphone activities. One of the important activity that you have to check daily is the browsing history of your child.

Sometimes, We don’t know what our child is surfing so far over the internet and the reason is simple. Just because of the Incognito mode that is available in most of the browsers. such as Chrome. It is very important to have updated with the browser history of our child’s. Just a single mistake and our child will get into the useless things over the internet that might also distract him from the study.

Now, What’s the solution for Incognito Mode? Well, If Your child is usually surfing through the Chrome web browser. Then, You can only disable the incognito mode in chrome on his android phone. Let’s check it out our guide for disabling incognito mode in chrome on android.

How to Disable Incognito Mode in Google Chrome for Android:

Let’s move step by step. In order to disable the incognito mode, You have to follow each step carefully.

  • First, You have to install one application named incoquito from the Play store
  • Then, Simply you have to install it on your device.
  • Once, You are done with installation follow the steps given on your device screen.
  • That’s it.

What is Incoquito?

Incoquito is one of the best application that has been used for blocking private browsing access from the Chrome web browser. This application required notifications access in order to work properly. Incoquito comes with 2 modes one is Which will prevent the tabs from opening and the second is automatically close tabs (when the screen is turned off or after a set delay time).

How To Disable Incognito Mode in Chrome Android

If You would like to know our preference, Then we will prefer the first option. That is Prevent Tabs from opening and also you can set the custom popup message that will display if anyone tries to open the incognito or another tab in the same browser. Furthermore, You can also set a pin that will be required for opening the incognito and another tab on the web browser.

The application comes with two versions one that is available for free and another one is paid. There are more benefits of using a paid version instead of using a free one. The paid version will allow you to monitor each and every activity carefully. Even, You can enable the feature so no one will detect the application on your phone. Also, The paid version is having the option to block the youtube access.

Frequently Asked Questions:

If You are still confused about the Incoquito application then here we have answered all the questions that have been frequently asked by the users.

Question 1: Is Incoquito is the free application?

Answer: Incoquito is free as well as the paid application but according to the recent update the free version is no longer available in the Play store. However, you can purchase it for 1$ from the Google Play store.

Question 2: Will I get the refund? if the application won’t work properly on my device?

Answer: Thanks to the google play refund policy. Yes, You will get 100% refund if the application is not working in your device within 2 hours of your purchase.

Question 3: Is it safe to use this application?

Answer: Yes, It is 100% safe to use this application. The application will only be uploaded to the play store after passing various security checks. So, You can rest be assured of your security.

Question 4: Its Available for everyone?

Answer: Yes, its open application and its available to everyone. Especially, for those parents who want to regularly check the activities of his child on the web browser and too in incognito mode.

Question 5: Can you hide the installation of this application?

Answer: Yes, If You are using the paid application, You can easily hide the installation of this application in the device without letting your child know about this.

Question 6: Is it necessary to Root the device in order to use this application?

Answer: No, you don’t need to root your device in order to install and use this application.

Question 7: What if there are any issues in the application?

Answer: Currently, we are using the updated version of this application and didn’t found any bug that has to be listed here. Furthermore, No one can predict the future.

Question 8: Is there any other ways to disable incognito mode on chrome?

Answer: Currently, this is the only method that works well for the Android mobile users. If You have found any another better way to do this you can share with us through the comments section.

The Verdict:

In the 21st century, it is almost the important responsibility of the parents that they should look at themselves after their children. Nowadays, there are many useless things which are available on the internet and which may even distract your child from the studies. That’s the reason we should keep the track of our child’s browsing activity and especially we have to stop them using incognito window in his device and that we can do by disabling incognito window in the Chrome web browser on Android.

Just You have to invest a little amount of money 1$ for purchasing the paid version of incoquito and you are good to go. Still, if You are having any issues while following above given steps. You can always ask us in the comments section.

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