Connect Android To Projector via USB and Wireless: Complete Guide

Projectors are always used to see the presentations and some important business files on a large screen. Even, Many are using it for watching the movie on a large screen. earlier, It was possible to connect the laptop with projectors and watch the Presentation files or movies on a big screen but now It is the 21st Century and we have got some requests about the connection of Android devices to Projectors.

It is possible to connect the Android device to projectors. You can connect it via some HDMI wires or If You are on an upgraded version of everything then You can even connect it wirelessly.

What are Projectors?

The hardware which reflects the moving images aka videos on a big screen via some white Piece of cloth and normally used to Project some movies or some Presentation that we want to see on the big screen.

If You also want the same experience via your android smartphone then let’s make it possible. However, It would totally depend upon the Project and the Android smartphone that you are using currently. Let’s check it how can you connect the android to Projector and as we have mentioned earlier there are 2 methods to connect the Android device with the projector “One is Wireless and one is By using a cable”. Let’s start with the Wireless First.

How To Connect Android to Projector Wirelessly:

Yes, You will be able to connect your android phone with the screen Projector and we have divided this method into three parts. Where the First part is all about the application and the 2nd and 3rd Option will be Expensive and You have to buy the required things in order to project your android screen on a big screen wirelessly. Let’s check it out.

  • Wireless application
  • Chromecast
  • Miracast

Chromecast connected with a Projector

Wireless application:

First, You should have to confirm with your Projector brand company that it comes with an application or not. There are many Leading brands Like Panasonic and others which comes with inbuilt application installation, These types of applications help you to connect your Phone with the projector by using Bluetooth or some radio signals. However, If Your Projector comes with an application then it must be available on Google Play Store and if It is not then You can check out the official website for the same and You can download it from there and start connecting your Android device with the Projector.


Chromecast is a device by Google which allows the users to share the internet stream version into a larger High definition screen by using an HDMI and WIFI port. Chromecast mostly works with every smartphone and if It is not compatible with Your smartphone then You should consider upgrading it.

Chromecast task is simple it allows the user to share the android screen along with the internet connection on a Larger screen by using an HDMI post and once the Chromecast connected with the LED or LCD it will be available to connect or use via WIFI connectivity. The user only has to install one application named “Chromecast” from the Play Store in order to use it.


Miracast is another device which is available to purchase from few of leading online E-commerce platforms. Miracast allows the users to connect their Android device with the projector wirelessly. You can use the Video adapter to come along with the package and can directly connect it through the HDMI port. Once, You have done this You will be able to connect it via WIFI. Every good thing comes with a Drawback and one of the major drawbacks of Miracast is it doesn’t come with any Support. So, Don’t expect any help from the support after purchasing.

That’s all the methods and options which you can use to connect your Android device to the Projectors wirelessly. if You prefer wired connectivity over the Wireless then you can check out the below options that how can you connect your Android Device to the projector by using Wire.

How To Connect Android to Projector (Wired Method):

If You prefer saving the cost which you will spend on buying the devices like chromecast and the Miracast, Then still, You will be able to project your Phone screen in a big screen by using an HDMI and MHL cable. Now You will be Thinking about HDMI and MHL like what are these and how they will help you to Project your Phone screen on a big screen.

Connect Android To Projector via USB and Wireless

HDMI: High Definition Multimedia Interface (HDMI) is used to connect your device (Laptop, Phones) to the Led and LCD or any other big screen. However, if You are on mobile You can use the Mini HDMI cable and directly connect your android to the Projector by connecting the cable with LED and Phone.

MHL: Many of the smartphones doesn’t support the HDMI ports. So, in this case, You can use the MHL (Mobile High-definition Link) and connect your device with the Projector by using an HDMI adapter.

How To Connect:

  • First, You have to Turn off Your Android Device Properly.
  • Then, You have to check out the available ports on your smartphone. Check with the available ports and see if It is compatible with the Projector that You are using. Compare the ports to the type of video input ports available on the projector to choose the type of video adapter required to connect the two devices.

Note: If The Smartphone and Projector Ports do not match with each other then the Last option would be the HDMI adapter that You will need to Buy. Example: Apple’s VGA adapter can be used to connect an iPad to a VGA projector.

  • Connect the one end of your HDMI cable with the Projector and another end of the cable with your Smartphone. If You are using a mediator like an Adapter for the connection then connect first with the adapter and then the adapter cable with your smartphone.
  • Now, You have to Turn on the Project and the connectivity and see if It worked.
  • Your Projector is Turned on and the warm-up process has been completed then you can turn on your smartphone and the images or videos in your screen will reflect on the Projector.

That’s all You need to do in order to connect your android to the Projector. The methods which we have used it via Cable and without cable. You can use any method based on the availability of things. However, There are some questions that have been frequently asked by the users and let me also cover them.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Question 1: What is the Better way to connect the android to the Projector?

Answer: I Will Prefer You to go wireless and the reason why I am preferring the wireless option because You don’t have to confuse with the cables as by using a Wireless application or device the Process would be too simple and You will be easily able to connect your Smartphone with Projector.

Question 2: What if the Devices which we have Purchased are not working?

Answer: The answer is simple, If the devices That You have purchased is not working You can simply return it over the store or if You have Purchased online You can simply create a return and Pickup Request and You will get your 100% refund.

Question 3: What if the Wireless application is Not supported with current android version?

Answer: In This case, I will refer you to upgrade the android version of Your smartphone or if Your smartphone does not support the latest update then you can consider upgrading your smartphone with the better version. That’s what You can do if you want to connect your smartphone via Wireless Application method. Alternatively, You can use the Devices like the Chromecast and the Miracast.

Question 4: Brand of the Projector You will Prefer?

Answer: We do not encourage any brand nor we are promoting any brand. Just Look for the latest specification that should be available under the Projector brand and if You are getting anything in a lesser price that means the Thing does not have the required specifications that you need.

Question 5: Any good Android phone projector app?

Answer: Here’s a list of some of the best projector apps for Android:

The Verdict:

Projectors are being famous from the Early life centuries and it was used to display the images of moving objects on the earlier times. Technology has been Upgraded and the Projectors also now there are various kinds of Projectors that are available for Projecting images, Videos or movies.

Example if You want to Project the images then You can go with the Lesser Price option and The Video projector are the bit costly as they Support High Definition videos. However, If You are having a Projector already in your Home you can use your android device to connect with the Project and display the videos or images on a Big screen. If You are having any Query, You can always ask us in the comments section we will be happy to help you.

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