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iMessage on Windows 10: 4 Proven Ways To Use It

Most of the iPhone users prefer to use iMessage over other communication applications such as Whatsapp or Messenger. But What if the other users want to use the same on their Windows Platform? That’s kinda Interesting Because once…

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Teamviewer Alternatives: 5 Best Remote Desktop Software

Remote Desktop Software? In the 21st Century, There is nothing impossible. If You are stuck into any meeting and Want to access your computer just for getting the files. Here comes the work of Remote Desktop software They…

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5 Best Notepad++ Alternative For Mac

Notepad++ Alternative For Mac

Default Text editor of mac is good but after some time everybody is getting bored by using the same and old text editor for their programming Purposes. There are many Text Editors Which are available for the mac….

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How To Fix A Device Attached To The System is Not Working Error?

Having some of the important files on your Phone? Like Wedding Photos, Photoshoots or some Important other documents which you want to transfer it on your PC or Laptop. But Unfortunately, An Error comes in your screen named…

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