Best Bitcoin VPS Hosting That Accepts Bitcoin as Payment Method

Bitcoins was the future of currency. Not now, but soon everyone will do payments via Bitcoins. However, there are few good hosting companies that accept payment in Bitcoins.

If you’re searching for a Bitcoin VPS Hosting then this article will help because that is what I’m about to share with you guys. So, without wasting any further time let’s dive right in!

Best Bitcoin VPS Hosting:

Spending the Bitcoins in a Right way is one of the Hacty tasks and if It comes to the VPS hosting everyone would love to spend. You can buy your powerful VPS (Virtual private server) Hosting using Bitcoin. Let’s check out the Hosting providers who accept bitcoin as a payment method.


Namecheap is one of the most popular domain name Registrar in the domain industry. Namecheap was launched in 2000 and It was founded by Richard Kirkendall. in 2010, Namecheap also won the Results that have been done in Lifehacker Poll for the Best domain Registrar of the Year. However, Here we are talking about the Bitcoins and Yes, You can purchase the domains, Hosting and even VPS Servers of Namecheap using Bitcoins as a Payment method.


Namecheap is one of the most secured websites for Purchasing domains, Hosting and VPS, Dedicated servers and Think what You can even purchase it by using your Stored BTC and Thus makes it a best Bitcoin VPS Hosting Provider.


If You are looking for a VPS Hosting then what can be better than LibertyVPS. It is one of the Popular Bitcoin VPS hosting Provider not only VPS the LibertyVPS is also popular for Providing the offshore web hosting services in affordable Prices. Yes, It is true that You can do the payments using Bitcoin itself. Meanwhile, if You are looking for a non-trackable hosting which ignores the Notices like DMCA etc then the OffShore hosting Plan would be Perfect for you.


Think what? You can purchase any plan of LibertyVPS using Bitcoin as a Payment method. This can be a Perfect investment and uses for the Stored Bitcoins.


Ramnode the name itself is Promoting the brand Interesting! Ramnode is one of the top VPS and Highly Optimized servers Providers. Recently, they have started accepting the Bitcoins as a Payment method. You can purchase any of the servers that are available on Ramnode using Bitcoin as a Payment method.


If we talk about the Performance of the VPS Server that has been offered by Ramnode then the server comes with Super Fast Raid 10 SSD Storage and Powerful Intel Xeon CPU’s. apart from This, You will get 24 Hours DDOS Protection and Instant Development of application like WordPress or any E-commerce platforms. Last, If the Budget is not an issue for You then You can go with Ramnode and Fortunately, You can do the Bill Payment of Your server by using Bitcoin only.


When it comes to the Virtual Private server Vultr is always coming under the Best VPS Hosting Providers. here we are talking about the best bitcoin VPS. Well, You are already lucky enough because Vultr is also accepting Bitcoin as the Billing Method. As we all know Vultr is an Unmanaged VPS Service provider and if You want to Run Your own Virtual Private server using Vultr then You have to manage and optimize your server yourself.


Vultr will not provide any kind of support for developing the server. However, You can use the 1 click applications to install various operating systems along with your Preferred platform. Last, If You want to go for a cheapest and the Best option then Vultr would be a Perfect choice. The Vultr plans are starting from 3.5$/Month for 512 MB ram and 20GB SSD disk space server. Just You have to create an account and You are ready to Deploy a server. You have to clear the Billings after using the server for a Month.


VPSServer is one of the most Powerful VPS Servers Providers. VPSServer are having the Datacenters all over the world and now You can expect the speed and the performance You are going to get with the Server. It is a Fully managed Virtual Private server and comes with live backup options means You can demand for the backup of Your website any time from the support.


There Worldwide Datacenters ensures you about the speed and Performance of the Private Server. However, It is a managed one so You don’t have to be worried about anything Just Migrate Your current hosting and You are done. Furthermore, the Best part of VPSServer is they are Accepting Bitcoins as a Payment method. If the budget is not an issue then you should give it a try for sure. There are the Reasons Why VPSServer is considered one of the Best Bitcoin VPS Hosting Providers.

Bithost is Fully packed and the only BTC Hosting Provider. Meanwhile, Bithost only accepting the Bitcoins as the Payment methods. Bithost is Integrated with Digitalocean and the Thus Provide them a Server Space for Reselling Purposes. However, We all know about the Digital ocean it is one of the Popular unmanaged VPS Hosting Provider same as Like Vultr and the Plans are starting from 5$/Month. Unlike Vultr, Digitalocean not directly accepts Bitcoin as Payment methods Thus if You want to use its server then You can use it via Bithost.


Bithost is one of the Trusted Reseller of Digitalocean and Server Provider and if You want the servers which accepts Bitcoins only then Bithost would be the good choice after all.


QHoster is one of the Affordable options when it comes to the VPS hosting. Along with Bitcoins, other Payments options Like Payza etc are also Available. However, You can buy VPS, Cpanel Hosting and the Dedicated servers also depend upon your needs. If You opt for the Cpanel Hosting you will get 1 Year free domain along with Hosting and the cpanel hosting starting from 4.95$/month.


However, here we are talking about the VPS and If we are talking about the VPS server of QHoster then It comes with 1 Click app applications Like You can easily install WordPress and Joomla using single click. You don’t need to have a Professional coding Language in order to set up your VPS server.


Gandi is one of the Biggest Domain registers over the Internet. The Hosting that accepts Bitcoin in the Billings. Gandi is not only popular for providing VPS Servers along with this You can also buy Domains, Simple cPanel hostings, SSL Certificates and Cloud/Dedicated servers too.


Gandi comes with 1 click tool installation. Meanwhile, You will be able to Install any Platform Like WordPress or Joomla by a single click on your VPS Server. You do not need to have any technical knowledge for doing this. apart from this, You will get a Professional Email along with your Purchase. Again, If We talk about the affordability rate then it will score 4/5 gandi is almost affordable for everyone and the Best part is You can even pay for the services using Bitcoins (The Most Trusted and Untrackable Payment method).

Secure Dragon:

If You are looking for the Most affordable Option under Bitcoin VPS Hosting then Secure dragon may be the choice that you are looking for. From the cheapest and affordable VPS Servers, they offer the Large Variety of servers for High Traffic websites that need resources in order to run over the Internet.

Secure Dragon

Along with this, They have more than 10 datacenters located over the World in Which they are Providing Free DDOS Protection along with Your Purchase. So, If You are running a Website where DDOS is common the Secure dragon will Help you for sure. the cheapest and smallest VPS plan of Secure Dragon is Starting from 12$/Year. (Which is still one of the cheapest Virtual private server providers). Apart from this, They are offering 24/7 Support system and 30 Days money back guarantee. In case, If You did not like the service of Secure dragon You can ask for the Refund anytime in Between Guarantee Period.


Crowncloud one of the Most Secured website for Buying VPS server. Especially, When we are looking for the Bitcoin VPS Hosting. Crowncloud motive is Transparency is the Key benefit of their customers. Therefore, They always Try to keep the things private and secure as much as possible. Hence, there will be no chance of leaking.


Crowncloud is one of the Best, Secured and Affordable VPS Provider. The Specifications of VPS servers are 1 Gbit/sec Speed, You will get Full Root Access to your server, Premium Datacenters Located all over the world, cPanel, Intel Xeon Powered Process along with Raid 10. Furthermore, You can easily take the Snapshots of Your server configuration anytime.


Getting the Best VPS servers that comes with Bitcoin as a Payment method is not easy at all. Bitcoin is one of the most trusted and Untrackable payment methods and That’s the Reasons Peoples prefer to use them for purchasing all of their usual needs for their websites. The VPS Server is one of the need and That’s the reason we have added the Best Bitcoin VPS hosting over here. The List contains around 10 Hosting Websites that accept Bitcoin as Their Payment method.

We have not tested each of them so we can’t Mention about the Performance You are going to get. You have to try it your own and if You have Tried it. You can share the Results in the comments section that would be helpful for many of the users who are looking to Purchase VPS server using Bitcoins.

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