Top 6 Best Twitch Alternatives You can use in 2018

If you’re a Professional gamer, Then you must be regretting that you are not able to save the recordings of your gameplay. Especially, In Phones and PC. Although, Its 21st century and in 2018 The Twitch is in a Hype now. Especially for the Gamers who want to record their gameplay and share it over the internet to the millions of users. However, There is one bad news due to the recent changes in the guidelines of Twitch the thing has become little tough for the streamers. It’s Time to switch from the twitch and for this, we have added some of the Best Twitch alternatives in our list.

Although, Twitch was one of the best application which has been used to stream your gameplay live to the millions of users over the internet. But What we can do now? We have to run according to their guidelines and if we not then we have to look for the other options which should be the good alternatives for twitch.

Best Twitch TV Alternatives: Streaming Sites Like Twitch

Don’t You have to be worried about this, We have already found some of the best alternatives for the Twitch. So, Just you have to choose the one according to your own requirements.

1. UStream: IBM Cloud Video:

IBM Cloud Video is also known as UStream. Its American based company in the San-Fransico and currently working with 180 Employees. Samsung, Logitech, and Other companies are also in Partnership with Ustream. UStream can be a Tough competitor for the Twitch. It is Something Different from the Twitch. While twitch only allows us to stream videos, However, UStream allows us to Find the supporting Events, Join the Private Stream Rooms, and this all is apart from the general live streaming of any gameplay.

UStream - Twitch Alternative

If You are a PlayStation user then also you won’t be having any problem while using UStream. It is the same as Twitch you can go live directly from the console. Currently, This option is available for the PlayStation 4 Users only.

Apart from this, UStream has a capability of Stream any type of content while there are some restrictions if you do same in the Twitch. Furthermore, Its Rare chance that you will face any downtime in UStream. UStreams also supports the Windows and the Android version just same like the twitch.

Visit Ustream

2. Smashcast.TV: Twitch Alternative for iOS & Android

If You are a Professional gamer or into the online Live streaming then I am sure you must have heard these 2 names in the industry which are Hitbox and Azubu. These 2 Companies has been migrated into 1 and formed a super live streaming platform named Smashcast.TV. The website is based on HTML and Javascript integration so there is nothing more you have to do it in order to stream your gameplay.

Best Twitch Alternatives Smashcast.TV

Interesting? Yes, Its one of the Fast streaming website which can be a good alternative to the Twitch. Although, Twitch was best until the restrictions have been issued by the team of twitch.

It’s doesn’t matter you are a viewer, streaming or just taking participation in the discussions. The quick and awesome layout of the SmashCast will help you for sure. Furthermore, Its free to use and available on Mac, Windows, Web, Android and iOS Platforms.

Visit Smashcast.TV

3. Mixer (Formerly Beam):

If You are one of them who always love to use a trusted source to stream their videos. Well, What can be more trusted than Mixer? Which is formerly known as Beam and by Microsoft? It’s kinda Online Streaming site which is almost similar to the twitch. The main feature of Mixer is It is primarily focusing on the video including the playthroughs of the video games.

Top Twitch Alternatives: Mixer

Apart from this, The formal design is enough to attract the users and while using an SDK Technology, It also allows users to post comment or vote on the streaming even while watching.

Mixer (Formerly beam) is known to be used on Xbox and Windows Platform as Its Primarily source of processing is Microsoft. Although, It is almost similar to the twitch which allows searching for the featured video streamers and you can even look for the game or any specific profile. Furthermore, using Mixer is good if You don’t want to use any third party application to stream your videos as like twitch does. Its one of the major benefit of using Mixer over Twitch. This makes it the Perfect alternative for the Twitch.

Visit Mixer Website

4. Mirrativ:

If You are a mobile user then the difficult part is for you is finding a good streaming application for the mobile devices. Well, There is one which is especially for Mobile device users to stream their videos online. It can be a good alternative to Twitch if we solely compare with mobile platforms only. The name of the application is Mirrativ (a portmanteau of mirror and narrative) It is a Live streaming application especially for mobile users.

It comes with Untethered mobile streaming, Screen sharing, and the social interactions to the videos in the single application. Mirrativ is available for both Android and iOS users. The best part of the application is you can directly stream the play and share it with worldwide users of Mirrativ.

Best Twitch Alternatives: Mirrativ

As I mentioned earlier, Its similar to Twitch if we only compare through the mobile platform. Meanwhile, Users can react to live time on your streamings, Can ask you questions and even can submit their comments to your streaming. Furthermore, there is one more benefit of using Mirrativ over twitch which is you don’t need to tether your device to your computer in order to stream your videos. It’s Open based application which directly allows you to stream your videos from the device only.

Download Mirrativ

5. Youtube Gaming:

Youtube which is from the Top search engine company Google. Youtube has almost 10 times more users than Twitch, Then how can we say that it is not a perfect alternative for the twitch? Well, It is the perfect alternative. Recently Youtube has Launched the Youtube Gaming Especially for the Live Gaming streamers. It almost looks like a standard youtube but its standard darker color is love.

In Youtube gaming, You can easily stream your game live to the Millions or I can say Billions of Audience who are waiting to watch the worthy videos. They also have the same sections as Twitch Example Tending, Featured, and Live. Unlike twitch they are not showing the same videos, again and again, they also give the chance to the new users and the new video streaming can be found under the Live tab.

Youtube Gaming

You can even do Live Reactions to the Youtube Gaming streamings as like twitch as in the right side you will find an option to react, comment and post your message.

Visit Youtube Gaming

6. Periscope:

Periscope is another live streaming application which is solely for mobile devices. Periscope has been bought by the Twitter in 2015. Due to this, They have over 5 times increased in their users. Apart from this, they can easily broadcast through their preferred option Like portrait or landscape mode. Furthermore, You can also save your streams for the further sharing.


Periscope is owned by Twitter so everyone will prefer periscope over other streaming applications, as everyone prefers the Brand and the trusted source so they can ensure that their data is safe. There is also one option which is similar to the twitch Like you can block the unwanted viewers of your streamings if they spam or abuse. The only drawback of Periscope is it’s only available for the Android and iOS Devices only not like twitch which is available for every platform.

Download Periscope


Everyone Loves To Stream their games only and want to show their skills to the millions of users over the internet. Not only this they are also earning some good heck of the money. But what if they are left with no platform to stream their games online. Just like the twitch, Who has recently changed their terms and guidelines for the streamers.

That’s the reason which forced us to Make a list of alternatives for the Twitch. the List we have added here are the best alternatives to Twitch. Do Let us know if You have suggestions for any other applications or if having any issues while using the alternatives for video streaming, You can comment it down for this. We will definitely look into it.

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