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Torrents are having the kinda bad reputation over the internet. Thanks to the General media and Some of the consumers. There is no doubt the Torrent sites are used for getting Piracy or harmful contents but that doesn’t mean it can’t be used for the good purposes. There are many legal uses for using the torrents and one can take a benefit of its speed and performance compared to the direct downloads.

There are some of the Best Torrent clients which are available for Windows. The Torrent clients not only help you to increase the speed of your download and even you can increase the efficiency of FTP (File Transfer Protocol) without being worried about the Legal issues.

There are many torrent clients such as BitTorrent which has been used for getting open source activated ISO’s Files, Game updates and the patches directly from the client into the PC. You can even download the Movies which are not copyrighted.

Of course, We also know some of the users are going to put the torrent clients for downloading some illegal contents. That’s why we have mentioned the content on this website is solely for the education purpose only. Furthermore, When you are looking for the torrent client then you have expected the simplicity, Easy to use and no unwanted ads as the Highlighted features.

5 Best Torrent Clients for Windows 10, 8, 7:

If You are one of them who is looking for the Torrent client? I don’t about your purpose but still, if you are looking, You can check out the List of 5 Best Torrents clients over here and find out the best one for yourself.

#1. QBitTorrent:

BitTorrent is open source and the Free Torrent client for BitTorrent. The whole software is written in C++. It’s one of the Best Torrent clients that we have found useful fast and the reliable client for the Windows. Although, This software is regularly updated to improve the experience and fix any bugs the last time it was updated to version 4 in the last year. the resolution and the looks of the applications make even clearer that older versions and thus make it the best client for Torrents.

If We talk about the installation then installation of QBitTorrent is too much easy, Just You have to download the file and simple process with regular installation steps. The best part of QBitTorrent is Installing can be easily done without any addons applications as sometimes while installing these kinds of software we often face the malware issue on our web browsers or PC but QBitTorrent is totally clean. hence, It’s safe to use.

Apart from this, This software uses very less memory consumption. Moreover, the Sleek and simple design of application make you confused whether the application comes with any features or not? Well, Don’t simply look at its design. It’s packed with some great features. Like the right side of your status bar show you the status of your download, seeds, paused and active campaigns. also, If Your download is stopped by any reason you can simply resume it from where it stopped. Anyway, Let’s quickly break down the features of Each Tab.

Behaviour: Here, You can easily change the Interface of QBitTorrent. Example: You can change the language if You are not comfortable with Default English. Apart from this, You can turn on the quick info from the settings. So, whenever you delete any torrent it will ask you twice for your confirmation prior deletion.

Downloads: Here, You can set your own preferences for downloading any files. Like: You can set the download folder.

Connection: It’s not a much important part for the users but if you want to change the connections or add ports to the current download then this is the option which gonna help you.

Speed: If You want to set a Speed CAP this is the option which will help you. Everyone want to browse over the internet with the fastest possible speed for this you can try setting Speed cap under the Speed Tab on QBitTorrent.

Download QBitTorrent

#2. Deluge:

Deluge is a BitTorrent client and it was first released in September 2006. This software is Totaly written in Python. Deluge can be a Second another client which we can use apart from QBitTorrent in our Windows PC. Through, Deluge is not going to provide you features that have been already offered by QBitTorrent but that doesn’t mean deluge should be ignored. Though Deluge is a Light-weight application and the easy to use open source torrent client.

Delgue comes with its own awesome features and design. So Let’s have a look on those features.

If We talk about the installation process then installing is Deluge is kinda easy as compared to QBittorrent. Just like QBitTorrent, Deluge will not force you to install any third party application or addon while installing. Another best part is Deluge is something like a Light-Weight application where QBitTorrent size is 15MB and Deluge size is 34KB it’s almost 100% Lesser in size compared to QBitTorrent. Moreover, You don’t have to restart your PC after the Installation part will be done.

Best Torrent clients for windows

The Design and Look of Deluge are almost similar to the QBitTorrent. If We dive into the settings then we will find the settings is almost similar to the QBitTorrent. They both are the Fully-managed Torrent client. Let’s have a look at the Settings.

Downloads: You can able to change the download location of your torrents and even you can also set auto to add torrents from specific resources (This makes the task easier).

Network: Here you will be to see and change the outgoing and the incoming ports based on your connection also you can check out the encryption from here.

Bandwidth: You will be able to control the outgoing and incoming bandwidth ports for the specific torrents and set as per your need and according to your Internet connection.

Interface: In this setting, there is nothing you can do much. Still, You can move to a new design from the classic interface from the settings.

Plugins: You will be able to install any supported plugins from the here.

Download Deluge

#3. Tixati:

Tixati is another torrent client which is being preferred by the many users. Tixati is another open-source Torrent client that promises to be light and effect light memory usage on your system. It comes with Portable and standalone versions can be available for your USB drive if needed. Tixati has been developed by Kevin Hearn in 2009 from Its launch the application has been updated with the number of features and functions.

Best Torrent clients for windows

If We talk about the Design part of Tixati then its look ugly as compared to the other torrent clients. However, the application comes with Lightweight resources and promises to affect less in memory consumption of our system so it can be considered as the most efficient client for the Windows.

Tixati comes with good number features. Which include the Chat Room with Encrypted Messaging. This option can be used to connect with the Locals or Friends for sharing the magnet and torrent URLs directly within the application.

Installation Process of Tixati is too much easy. Like others, it will not force you to install any add-ons or toolbars for your web browser in order to complete the installation. It’s completely safe for installing and it took just a few seconds for the installation to be completed. This makes the Tixati is most trusted commercial application or Torrent Client for the Windows.

Download Tixati

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#4. Transmission:

Transmission is one of our favourite torrent clients which we have seen or used over the Mac and the Linux platform. Recently, the version has been released for the Windows. However, The look and features may not be exactly the same as Linux and the Mac os. However, The design and the other features are worth to use in the windows application.

Transmission is First Torrent client that supports broad for the magnet URLs as well as support for file creation with UTorrent.

best Torrent clients

Transmission is the simple and straightforward application. It uses very space on your system hence, there will no burden in your system while using Transmission. Though Transmission is not fully features packed as like Deluge and the QBitTorrent. Apart from this, In 2016, There is a Ransomware in Transmission which forces the users to pay 400$ to get their files. However, This was done by any Hacker and there is no fault of Transmission in this. Still, People searching Transmission over the internet so we have included in our list.

Download Transmission

#5. BitTorrent:

BitTorrent is one of the Most Trusted and most used Torrent clients. In other words, It basically the original torrent client. BitTorrent is first released in 2001. It’s Supports both downloading and Uploading through the Torrent servers and has been listed as Best Torrent client in most of the torrent websites. 

Due to the release of the latest version 6. It’s not an open-source application anymore. They have started showing ADS and Asking the payment from the user in order to use BitTorrent for their uses. If You choose the Free BitTorrent client over the Premium one then it will offer you the Limited number of features that include normal download speed and limited BandWidth usage.

best Torrent clients

If You want to go for the Premium version then it will cost around 19.99$ for the whole year of BitTorrent Pro Subscription. Which will offer an ad-free interface and fastest download speed with unlimited Bandwidth options. Apart from this, You will receive a Malware Protection and support from the team of BitTorrent, Ability to stream video files instantly and ability to convert the download file into any format you need.

BitTorrent is one of the Standard torrent application and if You are okay with the Limited options and speed then You can go for the free version else You can purchase the AdFree Premium version.

Download BitTorrent


While looking for the Best Torrent clients. You must have Realised that for every better thing you have to spend some time. For making this task easier for most of the users around here, we have added the list of five Best Torrent clients that are available for the Windows. However, It’s not necessary you can only use them in Windows, You can even use them on Mac or Linux OS.

While choosing the Best client for your PC, always Prefer the user reviews about the Specific client and see if it’s having the same Reputation as like Transmission which gets hacked easily. Still, You can always Post your queries through the comments section we will definitely look into them.

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