10 Best Text Editors For Mac [Oct 2018 Updated]

Recently Moved to the Mac? Well, Its doesn’t matter You are a professional programmer or Just a normal editor. The good Text Editor is one of the most Important tools or we can say software that you need in your MacBook. Correct me if I am wrong? The Best Text editor will not only save your time but it will also help you to stay out of the confusion. Currently, there are many Text editors which are available for the Mac most of them are free and some of them are paid.

Here we have chosen the 10 Best Text Editors for Mac which are actually worth for your attention.

Best text Editors For Mac:

Please don’t be confused in this article we are going to mention the text editors for the programmers use only. However, If You want to use them as the normal text editor then you can also give it a try.

Let’s have a look at those 10 Text editors for Mac. Which we have personally chosen and added to our list.

1. Sublime Text 3:

Sublime Text is a Proprietary cross-platform source code editor based on Python API. It supports many Programming Languages and options and the external plugins can be added by user too. Recently, They have updated their version and currently, Sublime Text is running on Version 3 For Mac.

Sublime Text 3 - Text Editor for Mac
Sublime Text 3 – Text Editor for Mac

If We talk about the features of Sublime Text 3 then it includes an easy user interface, High Level of customization, Syntax Highlighting and other powerful API Features. one of the Best features of Sublime Text 3 is “Goto Anything” feature. It will allow you to quickly jump into the thing you are looking for. This feature can be activated by Pressing the keyboard shortcut ⌘P.

The major drawback of Sublime Text 3 is Its cost. Its Price high compared to other Text Editors in the market. Still, You can download the Free Trial and if You like this software you can even purchase it for 80$.

Take Free Trail

2. Atom:

If You are looking for the best option and that too for free with the same features as Sublime Text 3 Then Atom is there for you. Atom is an Open-source Based Text Editor which works on HTML, Javascript, CSS, and node.js integration. It’s first text editor which is hackable to its core in the 21st century. It has been developed by the same popular Team which has developed SVC service GitHub.

Atom - Best text editor for mac
Atom – Best text editor for mac

If we talk about the features, Then there are many useful features already inside the application but still, if you want to customize then you can install some packages from the open source program for free.

Atom is one of The best Text Editor for Mac and its really highly customizable you can change themes tweaks into CSS and many other customizations you can do it easily in the atom. You can download Atom from below given download link for free.

Download Atom

3. Brackets:

Brackets is an Open source and front-end based code text editor which is developed by Adobe. If You are a web designer or a Front-end developer then Brackets will be the perfect option for you if we compared the above ones with this. This Text Editor is specially designed by Adobe team and you already know Adobe is famous for its styling and subscribing pricing model.

If We talk about the features of Brackets, Then Brackets Supports Live previous to your editing. Meanwhile, You can have a look at your live work after doing some changes in code. This code will be reflected in the Chrome Window. This is one of the best features which helps the developer to keep a dramatic eye on their code and stops them from doing any further wrong changes.

Text Editor for mac - Brackets
Text Editor for mac – Brackets

Its developed by Adobe so we can expect the connectivity of Different Adobe applications with it. Which makes the task easy for us. If we take an Example then “Extract” Option in Brackets which let the users automatically extract color, font etc from the Photoshop document file. furthermore, It can be customized by installing the Free brackets plugins which can make this software even more powerful. Last, If You are into the web development and designing I will prefer you to give a try to the brackets since its free of cost there is nothing wrong with trying.

Download Brackets

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4. BBEdit 12:

BBEdit is one of the old and realistic Text Editor which is available for mac for a long time. It is Developed by Bare Bones software. This Application has been used by thousands of Developers and not only this there are also thousands of writers who prefer to use this software for their editings.

If We talk about the features of BBEdit, Then You can do editing, searching, and manipulation of prose, source code, and textual data. One of the Best features of BBEdit is Inbuilt text manipulation which makes BBEdit the Perfect and the Best text Editor for mac.

BBEdit 12
BBEdit 12

Apart from this, It supports customizable syntax coloring for over the 2 Dozen languages. Its one of the Best Editor which comes with the full package of HTML tools for the fast and easy task.

BBEdit in the game since 1996 From its launch and without any much updates its still being used by many developers and writers out there. So, You can Trust in it. Currently, Its paid Software You can have it for 49.99$ or You can also get a free trial from below link.

Take Free Trial

5. UltraEdit:

UltraEdit Text Editor is created by the founder of IDM Computer Solutions Inc in 1994. It Supports Various Operating Systems such as Linux, OSX, Windows. It Supports tons of Different languages which includes c++, Objective C, Javascript, XML, PHP, Perl, Python, and more. Just Like BBEdit UltraEdit is one of the oldest and powerful text editors which is available for mac as well as different operating systems. This Year, It will celebrate its 25 Anniversary.

UltraEdit -Top Best Text Editor for Mac
UltraEdit -Top Best Text Editor for Mac

Apart from this, UltraEdit Supports the larger File types up to 4GB. It also has the awesome features like syntax highlighting for multiple languages, multi-caret editing, multi-selection capabilities. Furthermore, Its Integrated with FTP and also Supports 4K Retina Display.

UltraEdit is one of the trusted text Editor the only drawback of this software is Its Pricing. It is Comparatively pricing high as compared to above-listed text editors. Price of UltraEdit is 99$ Which also include UltraCompare as an addon include. However, If You want to test this application first then you can have a Trial of 30 days for free of cost.

Download UltraEdit

6. Coda 2:

Another one of the Best Text Editor is Coda 2. It’s another software which is specially designed for the web developers after BBEdit. It’s a complete solution package of your problem. Coda 2 is having Tons of features like Project-wide Autocomplete. The syntax highlighting for the tons of languages available over there. Apart from this, You can also find the code or fold the codes and also you will be having the access of Indentation guides.

The Best feature of Coda 2 is Automatic Tag closing which saves almost 20% of the developer time. It’s Also integrated with Many Serves like FTP, SFTP etc. So users can open their file remotely on any server.

Coda 2
Coda 2

Recently the Coda has been updated to its version 2. In the version 2, They have added many other awesome features like it will support the MacBook pro touch bar from now. The other features include, faster syntax highlighting and symbol parsing, indexing of local files, CSS overriding, and more.

This can be the great alternative of any Free Text editor you are using Its available to download for 99$ only. However, You can also have a Trial of 30 days before purchasing.

Download Coda 2

7. Visual Studio code:

Visual Studio Code is Developed by the Rival of apple which is Microsoft. If We talk about the Quality then I Think Visual Studio code will be the Best Choice for your Mac. The visual studio code is developed in a way so it can provide the same experience as windows in your Mac. There are few of Best features of Visual studio code which is the ability to highlight syntax for more than 30 different languages, lightning fast source-code editor, keyboard-centric code editing approach and many more.

Visual Studio code
Visual Studio code

If You need some more action-packed features then you can install some of the extensions from the Visual Studio Code Library. The Best part of the Visual studio code is Its available to download for free for mac as well as other operating systems.

Download Visual Studio Code

8. Textastic:

If You are looking for the best and highly customizable option then Textastic is for you. Its one of the Powerful and fast text code editor for the MacBook. It supports Syntax highlighting from more than 80 sources code and the markup languages. one of the best features of textastic is Multi-Tasking You can easily do multitasking on this software. This application supports PHP, C++, HTML and many other languages which you can work upon.

Textastic - Best Text Editor for Mac
Textastic – Best Text Editor for Mac

Apart from this, It also includes quickly view of the file, saves and Print option. However, It is not one of the powerful editors which we want but still its okay for the normal use. maybe that would be the reason it is cheaper than most of the text editors we have listed above. Its available to download for 7.99$.

Download Textastic

9. Textmate:

Textmate is the combination of Unix and fair GUI. Its easy and clean to use environment makes the programmers happy as they were able to do their tasks more quickly. As its Lightweight software. If we talk about the features of TextMate then it comes with Search and replaces code option, the auto-pairing of brackets in codes, Column selection and easy to type. Furthermore, It supports Syntax Highlighting Multiple languages.


Apart from this TextMate also able to work with Xcode and can build your projects in Xcode. one of the best which I like most is inbuilt video library. Where users can easily watch the videos before getting started with TextMate. if you are one of them who are in need of best text editor for Mac then TextMate is for you.

Just there is one major drawback of this software which is High pricing. It is available to download for 56.25$. However, You can take a trial for a month before purchasing.

Download Textmate

10. CodeRunner 2

Its another alternative option of TextMate. It runs on the Same UI Like Text mate and its Lightweight too. But one of the major benefits of using coderunner 2 is it is comparatively less costly than TextMate. if we talk about the features of CodeRunner 2 then it Supports a large number of languages and some big IDE features and even after using these kinds of resources it still stays Lightweight.

CodeRunner 2
CodeRunner 2

If You are a beginner then it will be Full Proof Solution for you. Code Runner 2 is a better option to start with. Its awesome Features Like Multi File Support, Theme support and file navigator will be additional Plus points for you. Code Runner 2 is available to download for 14.99$. You can also take the free trial before purchasing it.

Download Coderunner 2


If You are a Programmer then hope You have found the thing you are looking for. Mean the Best Text Editor for Mac. In This List, We have added the Top 10 Editors based on the reviews of users. Furthermore, working with a good text editor is a dream for every professional programmer. he will not mind spending some dollars to get the best and powerful text editor for his projects.

However, if you are beginner then there also some Free Text editors from which you can start with, They come with handy guides so before using them you can look over for their tutorial videos inside the software or over youtube. Hope This Post will clear your doubts and if still there are any you can ask us in the comments sections. We will love to reply with a solution to your concern. Last, Have a good day!

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