5 Best Notepad++ Alternative For Mac

Default Text editor of mac is good but after some time everybody is getting bored by using the same and old text editor for their programming Purposes. There are many Text Editors Which are available for the mac. Some of them we have added into our List of Best text editors for mac. But what is one want to use the Notepad++?

As we already know about the notepad++ Its one of the Best Text Editor which is only available for the windows users only. There are some Guides from which you can easily use the notepadd++ on your MacBook. Apart from this, You can have a look at the alternatives of notepad++ For mac which we have added here.

Before coming to the main part, Lets read about notepad++ that what is notepad++?

What is Notepad++? And Why We need Alternative for mac?

Notepad++ is a text code editor which is currently running on WIN32 and WIN64 bit Programs. Currently, Notepad++ is not available for the Mac users nor we have any news about it that when it will come for the MacBook users. If We talk about the features of notepad++ then it comes with syntax highlighting, search option, autocompletion of the codes, find and replace option and PCRE (Perl Compatible Regular Expression).

It’s free and open source based program for the windows programmers it was first released in 2003 by Don Ho. Its based on C++ program and written in that only. Unfortunately, If You are a Mac user you won’t be able to download notepad++ in your MacBook easily.

Wait? Don’t be worried there are some alternatives which work perfectly as an alternative to notepad++ for the Mac Users. Let’s check them out.

5 Best Notepad++ Alternatives For Mac:

Notepad++ No doubt its one of the Best Text editor available on the internet but if you are on the Mac OSx then, Unfortunately, the notepad++ is not available for you. Still, Let’s have a look at other alternatives to Notepad++.


Brackets is a Text editor which has been developed by Adobe. It’s one of the Free Text editor available to use and a competitor of notepad++. If we talk about the features of Brackets then It supports Syntax highlighting, Instant search option, Find and replace option. Moreover, It also supports the Free Plugins and Extensions in the database to enhance the performance of brackets.

Brackets - alternatives to notepad++

Most of the text editors are comes under $$ but this is one of the Text Editor which has been developed by the Top Company Adobe and still its available for free to use to the programmers. It supports more than 1 Languages and if You are beginner then I will especially recommend you to give a try to the brackets. Brackets is a perfect alternative to Notepad++.

Download Brackets

Komodo Edit:

You might have seen the Paid version of Komodo IDE (Integrated Development Environment), Which is Specially used for Programming Bigger codes and used by most of the professional Programmers. Recently the Lite version of Komodo Edit has been released and its available for free to all the users over the internet.

One of the major drawbacks of Komodo edit is It lacks many of the important features which one is looking for. Still, It has all the basic features available in the Lite version of Komodo Edit which makes it a Perfect text editor for your programming.

Komodo Edit - best notepad++ alternatives for mac
Komodo Edit – best notepad++ alternatives for mac

In komodoEdit You can get the number of plugins, Theme and Github repositories to customize your Text editor according to your own preference. Still, Its available to download for free and there is nothing wrong in giving it a try.

Download Komodo edit


JEdit is one of the Open Source Based Text Editor for the programmers it is maintained by over thousands of professional programmers over the world. It’s Free software but trust me you are gonna getting Awesome features if you choose JEdit over others. One of the Best features of JEdit is Unlimited Clipboard, Means there are no limitations for copying any text, also you can quickly return to the markup position.

best notepad++ alternatives - JEdit
best notepad++ alternatives – JEdit

If You see JEdit is like a normal text editor then there is nothing much in it but This Editor is maintained by Professional Editors and if You join their community you can learn even more about the programming. JEdit is available to download for free you can download it from given below download link.

Download JEdit

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Don’t be confused by its name it is not a Detergent bar. It is the Free Text editor. if You are one of them who is looking for just a basic text editor then Vim is For you. It has almost all Basic features that a beginner need. We can say its a Clone of Unix VI Editor.

Still, VIM can be considered as one of the Best Alternative for Notepad++. If we talk about the features then it comes with error detection, syntax highlighting, customizability. One of the best features of Vim is you can even use it in your mobile device as it also supports Mobile UI.

Vim - notepad++ alternatives
Vim – notepad++ alternatives

Last, What more you need in a free text editor? You can download Vim from below given download link.

Download Vim

Sublime Text:

This text editor we have already mentioned in our Previous Post about the Text Editors. The reason we are mentioning it here because Sublime is the only one Text editor who can give a real competition to the notepad++. It’s Paid Text Editor costs around 70$. It comes with syntax highlighting with more than one languages, Smart text editor and Search bar, and many other options. Furthermore, You can even customize it according to your own preference. You can take the help of available themes and Extensions for customizing Sublime Text.

Sublime Text
Sublime Text

One of the Best Part of Sublime Text is Its available for every platform. Means, Even if You are not a Mac user you can still use it on other platforms like Windows and Linux. Sublime Text is Available to download for 70$. However, You can take a trial before purchasing it.

Download Sublime Text


There are only a Few Alternatives to Notepad++ Which can give a Real competition to it. The Last Text editor which we have mentioned in the post is the Perfect alternative but only if its comes under your budget.

Furthermore, There is a discussion running on for launching a notepad++ for the Mac OSX. It would be the great success of the notepad++ if they do so. Because we are getting almost all the good features that we are looking into the premium softwares. Still, if You are left with any doubts you can ask us in the comments section.

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