5 Best Rated Kodi Alternatives (XBMC) 2018

In our generation, we mostly use our PC’s to store the useful files but the PC is not made for only storing the files instead you can also have a fun with them. If we take an example then video and music files are for the same. you can have fun while playing your favorite videos and music on your PC. However, whenever it comes for playing the media files on the different devices nothing does a better job than a home theater and media playing software Like Chromecast.

One of the popular software which has been used for these kinds of purposes only is Kodi. Kodi is one of the best software when it comes to media devices and the best thing about the Kodi is it’s free and open-source application. You can easily customize the interface and install the bunch of addons those are available for free to install along with Kodi itself. Furthermore, Kodi comes with a bunch of amazing features that every individual is looking for but what if it doesn’t meet your criteria. If You are looking for something different than Kodi then What’s the problem with it. Here we have shared some of the best Kodi Alternatives, You can check them out and see if any alternatives meet your requirements.

Best Kodi Alternatives:

There is no doubt Kodi is one of the best software when it comes to screen playing and connecting the other media devices but still, there are some of the features that are missings in Kodi and therefore, it distracts the users itself and forces them to look for an alternative for Kodi. It is still a better practice because if we are not getting our required features then what will be the use for having the particular application installed in our system.

  • Plex
  • Emby
  • MediaPortal
  • OSMC
  • Universal Media Server


Plex is media streaming application that plays the media from stored files over the different connected network connections (thanks to the client interface). Plex was launched for the Apple MacBook as a freeware software in 2007 later the software has been adopted by various operating systems and therefore, it is available for almost all operating systems now which includes Windows, Mac, and Linux. if we are talking about the computers and not only Plex, is also available for various smart devices such as smartphones, smart TVs and the home theater system.

Plex can be considered as one of the best Kodi Alternatives. The reason, Plex is having a great collection of channels that you can easily watch through the application. It comes with the variety of add-ons just like the Kodi that you can easily install it for free. Apart from this, you can also manage to see the channels through the categories itself.

For example: if you want to watch the technology channels then you can opt for the technology category there or if you want to watch the news channel then you can opt for the News as a category.

Best Kodi Alternatives

Plex media server is a powerful server that takes care of streaming videos, TV shows through various devices. It is one of the light application which can be run on low-end powered PC’s too.

Plex also sells the premium services with some addons premium features like cloud storage integration, sync with mobile devices, support for the multiple users and parental control over the software. These are the reasons which makes Plex a perfect alternative for Kodi.

Main Features:

  • Lightweight application.
  • Automatic bandwidth adjustable.
  • Available on almost all operating systems.
  • Parental control and cloud storage integration.
  • Free, Paid subscription starts at $4.99/month, for additional features.



Emby formerly known as media browser is used to stream media contents over the different devices. It is an open source application just like the Kodi and can be used as an Alternative. However, If you love the media streaming approach and the features of Plex but not the fact that it compromises features then Emby can be a Perfect option for you.

Just like Plex, Emby also built on the client-server approach that will let you able to play your locally stored media files over the connected devices. The one thing that might be not available in Plex is the live streaming facility that comes preinstalled with Emby. However, that facility helps you to control the DVR recordings as well.

Best Kodi Alternatives

Along with this, Emby comes with the features like parental control and web-based tools to edit metadata, search subtitles and much more. Furthermore, Emby has an option to transcode media files and make it good to use in the different operating system using DLNA compatible devices as well.

Apart from this, Emby even having an addon of Kodi that gives access to the library of Kodi and make it visible for your management through Emby. Unlike Plex, the premium subscription is having much more to offer compared to the Plex. If you opt for the premium subscription then you will be having the access to cinema mode, backup/restore of server configuration. Meanwhile, we can still believe on Emby rather than opting for any other media streaming application.

Main Features:

  • Media streaming software.
  • Free and premium subscription.
  • You can stream your locally stored files.
  • Easy connectivity.
  • Attractive User Interface.
  • Access to cinema mode and much more on premium subscription.



MediaPortal is an open source media player and considered as the alternative for Windows Media center. The main feature of MediaPortal that attracts the users is DVR recording. It might be not so popular compared to the other software that we have added in our list but still, the MediaPortal is having a good amount of features that make it visible in the list of Kodi Alternatives.

One of the best features MediaPortal has it is always featuring is the DVR recording which helps you to record your kinds of stuff and make it available for you to watch them later. MediaPortal also includes the wide range of TV tuner cards and you can also be able to play the DVD and Blueray discs as well.

Best Kodi Alternatives

Along with this, there is a connection for internet radio with some of the addons that let you see the scores and watching the Youtube videos as well. As mentioned earlier, MediaPortal is free and open source application that is available for the Windows. However, you can connect your other devices by installing the remote applications.

If you will take my suggestion then if you are looking for just normal features then MediaPortal can be for you. Otherwise, it can not be considered as the Best Kodi Alternatives.

Main Features:

  • DVR Recording.
  • TV Tuner.
  • Plugins and Extensions.
  • Free To install



OSMC is an open source application based on Linux and has been developed by Sam Nazarko. OSMC comes with the convenient features that you can use like streaming contents from the locally stored files and the Internet as well. One of the Best part is OSMC is also based on Kodi and thus, can be considered as one of the good alternatives for Kodi. It is one of the special Linux distribution and that means it can be also used as an addon for the Kodi.

Best Kodi Alternatives

OSMC comes with web-based user interface along with a desktop environment. The vide ranges of TV tuner and WiFi adapters are being available for the OSMC. However, one of the major drawbacks of OSMC is it is currently available to install for digital media players that include Vero which is their own Media Player. So, you can assume that it’s only available for Apple TV (1st generation), Raspberry Pi, Vero.

Main Features:

  • Supports TV tuners and WiFi adapters.
  • WEB UI
  • Enables you to stream locally stored contents and as well as the contents are on the Internet.
  • Free to install and use.


Universal Media Server:

If the DLNA compatible devices are the requirement that you only need is the universal media server is for you. It comes with easy to use user interface and awarded as one of the easy to use application for streaming contents. It supports streaming to a huge variety of devices and can transcode most of audio, video, and image formats without any configuration.

Best Kodi Alternatives

Along with the above-mentioned features, it comes it bitcode encoding that will control the limits as per your network connection. The Universal Media server is on JAVA platform which is one of the oldest platforms but It has the integration with some plugins that you can use. Furthermore, it directly takes the information from IMDB and makes it visible through MediaMonkey. However, it is not one of the smart application compared to the other that we have added to our list but can be considered as one of the good Alternative for Kodi.

Main Features:

  • Light Weight
  • Easy to use User Interface.
  • Java platform.
  • Supports both DLNA and Non-DLNA Compatible Devices.


The Verdict:

While the streaming media contents over the internet and connected devices is in the trend in 2018 but still many of us are confused to choose the best application that suits our need the best streaming application that we need to stream our locally stored contents and as well as the contents that stored over the internet.

The software that we need should be available on almost all operating systems because we never knew about our devices that when we will upgrade. However, Kodi can be considered as one of the best media streaming player software but there are several reasons as to why people search for the Kodi alternatives.

The reason can be anything like maybe they are not able to install the application on their device or maybe Kodi gives the error while installing. Therefore, Kodi alternatives take place in the competition. In our list, if we look for the best one my choice would be the Plex or Emby. However, if you’re having any suggestion for other alternatives then you can also comment on your views and we will definately look into it.

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