Karaoke has been already in trend since the 1970’s exception. Karaoke was the most favorite music device for the users in early 70’s where we get the machine along with a mic and the lyrics are available in the screen these types of setups was very expensive these days. Mainly, karaoke has been used in the bars and pubs for some entertainment.

Well, those days were awesome but think what? Due to the technology, we can create a Karaoke system in our home or replace the earlier Karaoke version with the new one. For this to happen you need the best karaoke software for Windows or Mac OS and a little bit of knowledge to operate it.

However, the software is bit costly and there are some rumors about the free Karaoke software which doesn’t work anymore or if it will work then it will not provide you the proper experience that you need.

10 Best Karaoke Software For Windows and Mac OS

So the question is, how will choose the best Karaoke Software for the parties or for any bars/pubs. We’re going to give you a list of Karaoke Software that you can use to create a Karaoke base system in your home or a modern way of playing Karaoke in bars or pubs.

1. Kanto Karaoke:

If you’re looking for the best software which will provide you the better playing experience then Kanto Karaoke is for you. Kanto Karaoke is one of the popular Karaoke software that has been used to convert the Windows and Mac laptops into a Karaoke Player. Kanto Karaoke supports all video and music multimedia and it is available for both Windows and Mac platforms. Furthermore, you can even listen to the recording later upon just like the Daw.

Kanto Karaoke best software

Apart from this, it comes with CDG player which converts your MacBook into a professional Karaoke Player. You will be also provided with the options of creating unlimited playlists, audio editings and many other awesome features that you can explore. You can download Kanto From the official website.

Download Kanto

2. KaraFun Player:

Another best software in our list is KaraFun Player. It has been downloaded by millions of users and one of the best parts of KaraFun Player is it is having a list of 21000 songs already in its system. You can even sync the songs and play it offline whenever there is no connectivity to the internet. KaraFun player comes with the Dual Display screen and some customizable keys that you can use to customize the software.

KaraFun Player karaoke software

You can easily save the songs from the library and one of the another best feature is you can play any format file of Karaoke whether it can be CD+G, MID, KAR or MPEG or anything. You will be able to play through this player. These features make it different from the others but You will be only able to use this software on Windows platform only as there is no Version is released for the Macbook users.

Download Karafun

3. Siglos Karaoke professional:

Siglos Karaoke professional exactly worked the same as the name “Professional”. It is one of the feature-packed software that has been used to convert the Windows System into a Karaoke system. Siglos Karaoke professional software comes with dual screen display so you will be able to manage it easily and properly by working on the dual screen.

Siglos Karaoke professional software

There is no need to bring CD’s of Karaoke in order to use through this software. Just you have to do is download the Karaoke songs list import it into the software and you are good enough to go. Furthermore, If you are capped by the budget then Siglos Karaoke Professional Software can become your helping hand it is one of the free and best Karaoke software available over the Internet. This even makes the lyrics to display professionally and makes it visible for easy to read. However, Siglos Karaoke Software is only available for the Windows user there is no version has been released yet for the Mac users.

Download Siglos karaoke Professional

4. iStar:

If you are looking to convert your MacBook into a Karaoke System for a night party then what can be better than iStar. iStar is one of the popular Karaoke software which is available for Mac and thus, it helps you to create a real Karaoke system even in your home. With the help of iStar, you will be able to convert all type of songs files into a Karaoke file and being able to play in the software.

iStar best karaoke software

Just the simple thing you have to do is import all the songs list you are having into the player and compile them into a playlist. Later, you can easily play the song of your choice. The another best parts of the software are there are no restrictions while using this software. So, you will be able to easily use it and it supports various file formats from the wide range of sources. Sadly, this software is only available for the Macbook users only there is no version has been released for the Windows yet.

Download iStar

5. Aria:

Aria is one of the professional software that has been used by many of the professionals out there who worked in the bars or clubs. Aria is one of the top Karaoke software if you are looking to create a professional Karaoke system in Your home for a party. It comes with a native user interface experience which makes the things easier for everyone. Even a beginner will be able to use the software without having any issues.

Aria karaoke software

It comes with drag and drops import lists feature thus, it allows you to create a much easy list that you have never created before in any Karaoke software. Later, you can easily find the song that You want to play and load into the player. Another reason to use Aria is if it is available for both Mac and Windows version so there will be no discrimination between both of the operating systems.

Download Aria

6. OneKaraoke:

If you love the classic user interface and well known with the basic Windows Management skills then OneKaraoke is for you. OneKaraoke comes with a classic user interface thus, you don’t need to be an expert in order to use this software in your PC. OneKaraoke supports various Multimedia file formats such as mp3, mpg, Avi, WMV, DAT, WMA, MOV, kar, mid etc and all.

OneKaraoke - Top Karaoke Software

Not only this, you can manage this software with any of your attached devices in your PC. Like, If you are not having a mouse attached with your PC. You can still be able to operate this application through the keyboard only. The only drawback of this software is it is only available for the Windows user and there is no version of this software which is available for Mac yet.

Download OneKaraoke

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7. Qmidi V 2.0:

If You are searching for a Karaoke player that is able to play the multiple file formats then Qmidi is for you. Qmidi comes with the ability to play the multiple file formats of the files. One of the best parts of Qmidi is you will be able to manage and edit the lyrics of the loaded files on this software.

Qmidi V 2.0 karaoke software

You will be able to create an easy to use unlimited playlist and the software is free of cost so you don’t have to look in your pockets for using this. The easy User Interface of Qmidi makes the task easier than before and recently, The version 2.0 has been released which has fixed some bugs and some more options that are ready to explore. Qmidi is currently available for the Mac users only there is no version has been released yet for the Windows users.

Download Qmidi

8. Advanced Karaoke Player:

Advanced Karaoke player comes with simple User Interface option that makes most of the tasks easier for the users. The problem with another Karaoke software is it is difficult to find the songs from different folders of the playlist but the problem is not a problem anymore with advanced Karaoke Player with the help of the player you will be able to store all of your songs in a single roof for easy managing and playing.

Advanced Karaoke Player

Advanced Karaoke Player supports the advanced formats of multimedia files so you can import and use any of the files and this again proves to be the best and free Karaoke Software. Advanced Karaoke Software is only available for the Windows users only and there is no version has been released for the Mac yet.

Download Advanced Karaoke Player

9. Just Karaoke 2:

Just karaoke has been created to provide the simple and delightful user experience to the users who want to convert their windows system into a Karaoke system for a party. Recently, the version 2 of just karaoke has been released with many of the awesome features. Let’s have a look at them: Just Karaoke 2 is loaded with many of the awesome features such as singer announcement, sound effects, song manager, dual output screen, easy song searches, rotation.

Just Karaoke 2

Apart from this, Just Karaoke 2 is having the list of 70000 songs that come along with the software. Moreover, you will be able to create the unlimited number of playlists. One of the major drawbacks of this software is it lacks the support of multimedia files. Meanwhile, you will only able to play only the number of media formats files that has been supported by Just Karaoke. Just Karaoke 2 is currently available for the Windows only there is no version has been released yet for the Mac users.

Download Just karaoke

10. KJams:

The last and the best Karaoke Software that enters in our list is KJams. KJams is one of the popular software that has been used to play the Karaoke on the Mac systems. KJams provides you accessibility of easy syncing with iTunes so you don’t be worried about the songs lists. The robust feature of KJams provides you a delightful Karaoke experience when setup correctly. You will be able to control and tweak your voice with it. It comes with dual screen mode, So, on one screen you can do the editings part and another screen you can check out the lyrics.

KJams karaoke software

Just you have to download and install this software in your Macbook and later sync it with iTunes and you are good enough to go. If you are looking to create the base in your party using a Karaoke system then KJams is for You. KJams is currently available for Mac only there is no version has been released for the Windows users yet.

Download KJams


Creating a Karaoke System in your home is can be an easy task with some paid fellows but what if You want to do it for the free of the cost? You can take the help of Karaoke software that will help you to convert Your Windows and Mac into a Karaoke base for the party. There is more than 100’s of software for karaoke which is available for free to download. Just you will be in need of a Mic and an Audio system along with the Karaoke Software and you’re good enough to create your own Karaoke base in your home.

We hope that you liked our article on the best Karaoke Softwares of 2018. If you did don’t forget to leave a comment down below and let us know.

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