8 Best GBA Emulators For Android 2018

Gaming? It’s all started with the Game Boy also known as GBA. It’s the first one who has started it all the craze of gaming. Their Release was one of the best for the gamers of early centuries, It was a good and perfect fit for well-made games by GBA. Still, we are Missing the Gameboy. After That, There were many releases which have been made by the companies like launching a handheld gaming console to the PlayStation in the 21st Century.

However, if You are still a fan of GameBoy then there is bad news for you. The console is no longer available to purchase but if You still want to play some of your favorite GBA Games Then you can easily play them by using an Android Emulator for it. Recently, We have listed some of The Best Android emulators for mac and now we are going to List the Best GBA Emulators For Android.

Best GBA Emulators For Android:

Before directly going through the list, First, let me answer the Frequently asked questions by the users.

1. Why There is a need for using a GBA Emulator:

Because the GBA is closed now and if You still a diehard fan of some GBA Games. Then you need to install an emulator in your android device in order to play those games.

2. Are These Emulators Free to download?

Some of the Emulators are available for free but if You really want a good experience then you can move to a premium version. Which may cost you a bit.

3. Are these emulators Safe to use in Device?

Absolutely, Yes. They are totally safe to use in the android device.

These Questions has been frequently asked by the users. So, I Have preferred to answer these questions within this post. Anyway, Let’s come to the main part, Let’s have a look at the list of Best GBA Emulators.

1. MyBoy – GBA Emulator:

MyBoy emulator comes with 2 Versions. One version is available for free and the other version is available for 5$. Now you will be thinking that what is the difference between the Free and paid versions. Well, there is always a difference between the free and Premium. The Free Version Give You access to the Fewer Features and the premium version will give you access to the some of the awesome premium features of MyBoy GBA Emulator.

MyBoy - GBA Emulator

If We talk about the features of MyBoy then MyBoy GBA emulator is one of the Best Emulator if we compared with the list of other emulators we have listed it over here. The Main and the Best Feature of MyBoy is Its Compatible with almost every android device. It’s Doesn’t matter which kind of processor you are using its compatible for the Low-end Devices to the High-end devices too. Apart from this, You can connect the external keyboard or Xbox one Remote for playing the games in the emulator. MyBoy will Provide you the Proper Experience and You will feel Like You are playing in a Real console.

As I have mentioned earlier, There are 2 Versions if You choose the Paid one Which is available for 5$ in Google Play store. Then you will be having the access for Link connectivity, instantly save states, speed up gameplay, or use multiple cheat codes. But If You choose the Free Version over the Paid then You will be having access to the basic features only not the ones which we have listed above.

Download MyBoy

2. John GBA:

John GBA is one of the Best GBA Emulator for Android. It’s Simple classic look and the lightweight application will make you happy for sure. If You are Judging this emulator by its name then let me tell you We can’t judge anyone just because of its name, I know its bit weird but still if we consider the features it can be our GBA Gaming Partner. It’s Developed by the company named “John emulators”. The motto of the developer is to develop more classic emulators just like this.

John GBA emulator for android

If We talk about the features of John GBA then it works on almost every android device which runs on Android 2.3 or above. Apart from this, You can also use the Cheat codes, Save the gaming states, Take Screenshots with one click and many other features. Furthermore, You can also connect the external console in order to get a proper gaming experience.

Like MyBoy, John GBA also comes with 2 versions. The one is available for free and other is available to download for 0.99$ in Play store. The Free Version name is John GBA Lite. However, if You choose the free one over the paid one then still you are okay as it supports almost all the basic features. But if You really need some more Awesome and Premium Features then You can download the Paid Version for 0.99$.

Download John GBA

3. MyGBA – GameBoid Emulator:

MyGBA Emulators is the Replacement of Gameboid Emulator which was an Open Source based Emulator and They recently have changed the name to MyGBA. If You are one of them who loves to play games on their own. Means to say Loves to play the games without any of the cheat codes and complete it by the own. If Yes, Then MyGBA is for you as it doesn’t support the cheat codes.

MyGBA - GameBoid Emulator

If We talk about the features of MyGBA then You can instantly save the Game state and Take screenshots as like other emulators. It Works on almost all the android devices and the best part of this emulator is its available for free to use. I know it’s look bit sludgy, but Still What’s wrong with giving it a try? as we are losing nothing.

Download MyGBA

4. Emulator For GBA:

Emulator for GBA is not Just like a normal and an Average emulator, In fact, its Good for the normal use which comes with less or we can say no drawbacks. It Provides the same features as the emulator which we have listed but with the classic design. the Features it provides are Quick search into the rom, Save and load the save state, screenshot and many others. It is also available for every Android device users. Furthermore, Its doesn’t matter whether you are on a low-end device or a High-end device.

Emulator For GBA

Apart from this, The one thing which I like on this emulator most is automatic savings of the gameplay. Yes, Even if the emulator unexpected shutdown you can still start from the where you left. Good? Exactly. Also, Its available for free to download on any android device I know the name is Bit Weird but You can give it a try and see if it can be your GBA Emulator Partner. Unlike Other, You will be not able to connect to an external controller in this.

Download Emulator For GBA

5. GBA Emulator:

One of the Best Emulator for playing GameBoy games on your Android Device is here. It’s a simple and straightforward emulator which allows you to play the commercials GBA games which are available in the market. Just the thing you have to do is Bring an original and Legally copy of the rom and load it into the emulator and you are good to go.

GBA Emulator

If We talk about the features of the GBA emulator then it comes with Fast Play Forwarding, Screenshot, Save and Load, Load any state during Playtime. Apart from This, You can also customize the controller which is showing on your phone screen, Like You can customize the Buttons which you need for any specific gameplay.

This emulator is one of the oldest emulator available over the internet for playing the GBA games on the android devices. thus, It can be run on any android versions you are having it currently with you. Furthermore, GBA Emulator is available to download for free of cost. You can install it by downloading through google play store.

Download GBA emulator

6. GBA.emu:

GBA.emu I am sure you must have heard this name once in your Browser or browsing over the internet. GBA.emu is one of the best GBA emulators which is available for both Android and PC users. It is also one of the Simple and straightforward emulators which let you play the game directly by importing it into the database. One of the best thing which I like most about the GBA.emu is It is having the ability to change the save files from PC GBA VM version. Later, You can use the same files on your PC and as well as the android device.


If We talk about the features of GBA.emu then it has almost all the same features which we have listed above for the other emulators such as Cheat codes, Save load state, Screenshot and much more. One of the major drawbacks of this application is it only works on those android devices which are having at least 1Ghz Processor in their phone to Prevent any lags. Currently, GBA.emu is available to download for 4.99$. You can thin and give it a try once.

Download GBA.emu

7. aGBA:

If You are like me who Loves to play the GBA games on a Simple, Fast and a Straightforward emulator then Trust me aGBA is for You. It’s not providing us something special apart from above-listed emulators but it providing all the basic features which are already good enough to play some Good GBA games on android. It provides all the basic features such as Save and load during game time, Screenshot even you can customize the panel according to your own need.

aGBA Emulator for Android

Apart from this, You can change the frame rate and speed up the game. Due to fewer features and the users, this emulator won’t hang much. meanwhile, You will not find a minimal lag on it even you are using a low-end device. Furthermore, aGBA is available to download for free. You can install it by downloading on Google Play store.

Download aGBA

8. Soft GBA Emulator:

Soft GBA emulator is for those who are really having a low-end Android device. It was specially made for them who are on Android 2.1 or lower. It is not one of the best GBA Emulators but Still okay-okay type. If You are on android version above then 2.3 then I will suggest you go through the above-listed GBA emulators to avoid any issues.

Soft GBA Emulator comes with Basic features like all the Emulator but This emulator has not received any ratings on the play store. Hence, there are many drawbacks of this emulator also.

Soft GBA Emulator for android

One of the Drawback is It can lag even in the Game Play and the other one is major which is sometimes your control pad will be hidden while playing the game. That could be a bad experience. Still, Its good for those who are running an Android version lower than 2.1. Soft GBA Emulator is available to download for free. You can install it by downloading on Google Play store.

Download Soft GBA emulator


Finally, Your search for Finding a good GBA Emulator is Over. Everyone wants to remember their old days. What can be better than playing some OLD style games like GBA? Unfortunately, It is not possible to play them on consoles and that’s why we opt for the emulators so we can use them on the PC and Android Platforms.

Luckily, We have listed some of The Best GBA Emulators for Android over here. These GBA Emulators are listed on the basis of their Popularity and by thinking what type of user would like to get the emulator. However, if You are having any suggestions to add or replace any emulator in our list then do let us know through the comments section, we will definitely look into your suggestion. You can also contact if You are having any issues while installing any of the emulator listed above. Have a good day.


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