15 Best Farming Games Like Harvest Moon

Harvest Moon was one of the best game on the Super Nintendo gaming platform. The game becomes viral, Received some great reviews from top game players but there is a time when we get bored while playing any single game. So, There are some other Best Farming Games like Harvest Moon.

And If We talk about the Harvest Moon, Then Harvest moon is multiplayer stimulation game which is developed by Amccus for the Super Nintendo Gaming Platform. The First Release was held in Japan on 1996 and then in North America 1997 and then for Europe, In the Europe Release, they have added some language option for the Germans. Furthermore, The game was released for other consoles Like Wii U Virtual Consoles.

Best Farming Games Like Harvest Moon:

Anyway, Let’s come to the main part of this article, There are many other farming games like the Harvest Moon. The reason why we choose any other game because after playing any single game from the long time we are started getting bored. So, According to us, there should be an option to Play other games which are Same like Harvest Moon.

Let’s have a look at those 15 Best Alternatives of Harvest Moon.

1. Voodoo Garden:

Voodoo Garden is considered as one of the Best Farming game. As in this game you can grow all the fruits, vegetables, herbs, and even some pets for your help. Furthermore, You can even grow the shrubs which will help you for the further production and the animals which will help in the magical growing of your Farms. This is where your average Farming games meet all the expectations you were looking for.

Voodoo Garden - Best Farming Games Like Harvest Moon
Voodoo Garden – Best Farming Games Like Harvest Moon

The game is available to download on Steam for 2.99$. You can download it from Here.

Download Voodoo Garden

2. Stardew Valley:

Games Like Harvest moon? Then Stardew Valley will be one of them which is having the same graphics and some extended features, options like the Harvest moon. In Stardew valley, You can grow plants, Fruits, Raise the Poultry and the other farm gimmicks that you will love to perform. This Popular Hit Takes the Harvest Moon game Formula the whole new level of gaming experience.

Stardew Valley
Stardew Valley

If You are looking for the Best Alternative? Then Stardew Valley should be your first choice. You can download the Stardew Valley game for 14.99$.

Download Stardew Valley

3. Plantera:

The Cute graphics game Plantera is one of the awesome game which we have used so far. It comes with some Cuter helpers which will help you to Grow crops, Fruits etc on your farm. Even, you can manually grow the crops and let your workers assigned to another place for the work. The best part of this game is workers will still continue working on their tasks even you quit the game and when you will return you will be having a good built up farm.


You can Download Plantera for as low as 2.99$ From Steam.

Download Plantera

4. Wayward:

Another game in our list is wayward. It one of the unique or we can say a mixed up of many games like The Minecraft, Ultima online and some of Harvest Moon. Which makes this game a super attractive one. The Main scene of the game is Survival Where you have to get the craft items and gather the resources while focusing on the survival of your character. If You were not able to survive then your game will be over. There are more than 3000 Items which is left for crafting and if You are one of them who loves to play a mixed up of Survival Plus Crafting then trust me wayward is for you.


You can download Wayward For as low as 7.99$

Download Wayward

5. Terraria:

Terraria, we can’t directly compare it with farming stimulator like the Harvest moon. But If You want an action-packed game then Terraria is there for you. You can Build, explore and Dig Your fight with the action-packed game and with the awesome retro graphics. This Action game is Mixed of Minecraft and some role-playing game. Terraria is all about exploring the dangerous caverns laden and treasures which makes this game adventures.

Terraria - Best Farming Games Like Harvest Moon
Terraria – Best Farming Games Like Harvest Moon

You can download Terraria for as low as 9.99$

Download Terraria

6. Rune Factory 4:

Rune Factory is anime based game. This is one of the Action Packed games in which you can Do Farming, Crafting, dungeoning, and marriage system similar to Harvest Moon. It’s one of the Best Farming Game Like the Harvest moon. However, Harvest moon is not having the Mariage system Feature.

Rune Factory 4
Rune Factory 4

Apart from this, If we talk about the gameplay then the main character of this game will be able to use the resources by crafting. Furthermore, Crafting is key to progress further in this game. You also have the benefit of being a prince or princess of the town as you will be able to give the orders. Rune Factory is all about progressing in the game and keeping your town happy and clean.

You can download Run Factory for as low as 29.99$.

Download Rune Factory 4

7. Shephard’s Crossing 2:

Shepherd’s Crossing 2 is almost similar game to the Harvest Moon. Shephard’s Crossing was not able to achieve some good players due to some bugs, but the Sequal of Shephard’s Crossing 2 is Awesome. It has fixed many such of Bugs like trading without cash, No Storage for the tools or foods etc. But Luckily, The Sequal has all the important features along with new feature which is the ability to expand your land to grow more crops and raise more animals. It’s the Perfect alternative for the Harvest moon and definitely worth a try.

Shephard's Crossing 2

You can download Shephard’s Crossing 2 for as low as 50$.

Download Shephard’s Crossing 2

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8. Animal Crossing: New Leaf

If You are looking for the complete life stimulation package? then Animal Crossing new leaf is for you. It’s not just a farming simulator game like the harvest moon it’s one of the best and Complete Life Stimulation game which makes it a Perfect alternative of the Harvest Moon.

Animal Crossing: New Leaf
Animal Crossing: New Leaf

Apart from this, If we talk about the gameplay of Animal Crossing then the game starts from the small town where rarely any tourist visits. Now the gameplay is Its Your Job to turn the small town village to big paradise in order to get the tourists and makes the Town again happy. The game, You will be having the ability to create landmarks, buildings, Bridges, and centers that will add a overall value to the town. The games come with Cute Kind of Graphics so you will love when you start playing this game.

You can download this game as low as 19.99$

Download Animal Crossing – New Leaf

9. MiraMagia:

Miramagia is the online game which doesn’t require any download its one of the best and free game. We can say the alternative of the Harvest moon. It Comines the game with the goodness of farming and the arcane magic. To Create the whole new gameplay style that I think you may never have experienced anywhere else. In This Game, You can grow the crops and raise the dragons at the same time. As i mentioned earlier you don’t need to download this game you can easily play it online.


If You want to Play it online Click on the link we have added below for the Online Gameplay.

Play online

10. Wild Season:

If You are looking for the Best Farming Games Like Harvest Moon? Then after the Harvest Moon and Starday Valley, it’s one of the best Story-Driven Farming game with the retro graphics and almost the same game style. In this game, You are a Young Farmer who is Struggling to Grow the crops and then you are ending up with buying new land and after getting rid of all of the issues you will be ready for growing some serious crops in your new land. if we talk about the story of the game, Then the story of the game is really impressive which will hook you up for hours and you will not be bored while playing Wild Season.

Wild Season
Wild Season

You can Download Wild Season for as low as 16.99$.

Download Wild Season

11. Funky Barn:

Funky Barn is another Alternative of the Harvest Moon and Its Available for both Wii and Nintendo Platform with the Same gaming experience. This game is offering whacky contraptions and geeky gizmos for your use. You also get hands-on with your animals to work while having fun with them Like in the game there will be a machine and your task is simple which is to shave the sheep by throwing them into the machine and it will automatically shave the sheep. If You are looking for the serious kind of farming game then this game is not for you. It’s Just a simply Funky game.

Funky Barn
Funky Barn

You can download Funky Barn for as low as 19.99$

Download Funky Barn

12. Farm Up:

If You are looking for the combination of fun and as well as the serious game then Farm Up is for you. It’s Yet another and the Best Farming Game like the Harvest moon. The Main objective of the game is to collect money by keep growing your crops and selling them. The worst part of the game is you will be having a limited number of resources available each day and you have to use it wisely in order to continue with the game. If You level up the game then you will be getting an extra gold or silver for the level up. Furthermore, If You actually don’t like microtransactions then you can avoid selling and use the available resources wisely in the game. It’s one of the awesome game which will restrict you and I think if there are none of any challenges then the game might become boring so if you are one of them who loves to face the challenges then Farm up is good casual farming game for you.

Farm Up - best farming games like harvest moon
Farm Up – best farming games like harvest moon

The best part of the game is it’s available to download for Free of the cost you can download the Farm up from below given download link.

Download Farm Up

13. Hay Day:

If You are a mobile user and love to play the simulator games like the Harvest Moon. Then You can have a try of Hay Day its yet another alternative for the mobile users over there. If we talk about the gameplay of the Hay Day then the game starts with the OLD uncle as a game player who is not able to handle his farm and later after short tutorial uncle handover the taking care of his farm to his son and he wants his son to make his farm as the best farm in the world. Later, When he handover the Job to the son, Son Started working on it and slowly he started growing wheat and the other crops. Furthermore, You can even build your own town and invite others to visit your town.

Hay Day
Hay Day

Its one of the awesome gameplay. The main Purpose of the game is Grow the crops and sell them via trucks, Boats and the shops which will add a new dimension gameplay for the game. Another Reason, why You should give it a try is It’s free for every device users. You can download it from the below-given download link.

Download Hay Day

14. World’s Dawn:

If Your dream is to live near the seaside and there you want to grow all the crops you need and want to live a peaceful life in natural world beauty then World’s Dawn is for you. This game, You can become a full-time farmer who can grow crops and raise animals together or a Part-time farmer who will raise the animals only. Apart from this, you can go hunting for the relationship there are many who want to build up a connection in the town Just try to connect with them which makes the game more exciting.

World's Dawn - farming games like harvest moon
World’s Dawn – farming games like harvest moon

World’s Dawn is Perfect Alternative for the Best Farming Game like Harvest Moon which comes with some extra features which make this game more impressive. You can download this game for as low as 9.99$.

Download World’s Dawn

15. Don’t Starve:

Don’t Starve is one of the best and another Exciting Action and Adventure game. The combination of Farming and Action-Adventure makes the game Perfect for all type of players over there. The main purpose of the game is to save your farm from the evil monsters and wild animals. You have to go through the dark environment and collect the useful resources in order to survive your farm. You also have to search for the new weapons in order to save from the evil monsters and wilderness. It’s all about staying vigilant and surviving in this amazing yet dark game.

Don't Starve
Don’t Starve

Furthermore, if You are looking for such kind of game then Don’t Starve is for you. You can download don’t starve for as low as 14.99$.

Download Don’t Starve


Your search for the Best Farming Games like Harvest moon is completed according to me. There are many other games which support the Nintendo platform but here we have listed some of the Best games which are almost similar to the Harvest Moon (Which was one of the most played farming game).

If You are thinking about the Price? Then trust me each and every game worth for its price and you will never get bored while playing these kinds of simulation games with some cute and retro graphics. If You do have any queries or questions related to this article then you can always ask us in the comments. We will definitely try to help you with the solution.

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