7 Best Chromecast Alternatives That You Can Use In 2018

With the help of Chromecast, I am able to project my Android screen into a large screen by Chromecast remains connected to my TV and I can use my phone to screen anything I want to see on a big screen. Well, there will be the question that you might want to ask that is if I’m happy with the services that have been provided by Chromecast then why I am mentioning the alternatives of Chromecast here? The answer is there are some reasons why I have added the best Chromecast alternatives in the list and if you want to check out those reasons then let’s check it out first.

Why We need Chromecast Alternatives?

The first reason is Chromecast doesn’t come with native user experience hence, it is difficult to use for the normal people. This is one of the biggest drawbacks that Chromecast is having. When I have used this first then it was quite difficult for me to understand the basics and I am only able to play the songs at all. Later, after some time I learned to play the Youtube videos.

Another reason is, I hate to use my Android phone to cast the channels like Netflix, HBO etc. However, not many applications support Chromecast and that is the second drawback you should note it down.

It’s been 2 years using the Chromecast but if you want to know my review then I really don’t like at all. I am only using this device to play some Youtube videos and the songs probably.

Best Chromecast Alternatives:

The native UI kills the whole user experience and these are the problems I mostly hate and if you relate these problems then you will get to know about the Chromecast and therefore, we have added some competition into it. Yes, we have added the list of 7 Chromecast alternatives that you can use in the place of Chromecast.

1. Amazon Fire TV 4K:

If you want to convert your old looking normal television into a smart TV then the Amazon Fire TV is what you need. Amazon Fire TV Stick is a 3rd generation streaming technology which helps to convert the normal TV into a smart TV. Again, If you are already owning a screen that supports 4K videos then Amazon FireTV 4K will help you to play the true quality of 4K videos into the larger screen of your TV.

Moreover, you can even control your TV just by using your own voice. Interesting? Yes. For using it just you have to make your purchase on Amazon and later you have to plug in the device using HDMI port of your TV and you are good to go with your latest smart TV.

Amazon Fire TV 4K

With the help of FireTV 4K by Amazon, you will be able to access thousands of streaming application under the Amazon own App Store (that is one of the good parts) even, you can control it by using your own voice for downloading any applications. I have used it for watching the Amazon Prime using Amazon Fire TV Stick (because I have the Prime subscription) but You can access the other streaming platforms like Netflix, HBO etc by using FireTV Stick.

Although Amazon FireTV Stick was already good enough Amazon makes it even greater by supporting the 4K media streaming and now it also Supports Dolby Atmos audio. The Amazon Fire TV 4k also comes with all new quad core processor which is 40% faster than the older version.

The UI of Amazon Fire TV 4K is just awesome it is simple and very handy to use. Moreover, it comes with the inbuilt browser which allows you to search for other websites like Youtube or Google. If you ever want to replace your Chromecast then Amazon FireTV 4K should be your first choice.


  • It comes with native UI (which is easy to use).
  • If you are an Amazon prime user then you access thousands of free contents.
  • Amazon FireTV 4K is having its own application store.
  • It supports 4K video streaming.
  • You can control it over your voice by using Alexa Remote.


  • You have to access Youtube over browser only.
  • There is no volume button in the remote.

You can Buy from Amazon

2. Roku Streaming Stick+:

Another option and the Alternative of Chromecast that you Might consider is Roku Streaming Stick++. Its another media device which outcomes and even better performance compared to the Chromecast. It is like the Amazon FireTV 4K which comes with their own User Interface and It does not require Your phone to operate or screen content on a big screen. Unlike, Amazon it comes with full feature packed remote and you will be able to control your TV by using that remote only like you can use the volume feature (which is not available in Amazon FireTV 4K remote).

Roku Streaming Stick+

Another best feature of Roku Streaming Stick++ is it does supports 4K video streaming just like Amazon FireTV 4K and also It supports Dolby Atmos High-Definition sound quality. It would be good if you pair it with the home theater system to feel the real sounds. Roku Streaming Stick++ can be another best option if you are looking to Replace Your old Chromecast.


  • Easy and simple user interface.
  • It supports all the major streaming services that you need.
  • There are tons of free contents available that you can use.
  • You can control the volume by using the remote only.
  • It supports Dolby Atmos and 4K video streaming.


  • No voice control system.
  • Processing is bit slow sometimes.

You can buy it from Amazon

3. Amazon FireTV Cube:

Amazon FireTV Stick was one of the biggest and highest selling devices from the Amazon and now they have launched the Amazon FireTV cube which is powered by Alexa and the latest streaming device that everyone prefers. The Amazon FireTV cube is for those who not only want to stream 4K videos or content but for those who want to control to FireTV along with the other accessories of the TV such as volume up and down buttons. Yes, it was not possible in Amazon FireTV 4K but in FireTV Cube its possible.

Just you will take some time to understand the features of this device and once you have set up the device into your home you control everything by using your voice example: your TV, gaming consoles etc. Another best part of Amazon FireTV cube is it doesn’t even need a remote to control the system. Just you can use your voice for all over controls.

Amazon FireTV Cube

Meanwhile, you can control everything from your command like volume increase and decrease, channels by using your voice only and once the device is familiar with your voice it will process your commands even faster than before. Amazon FireTV cube is one stop solution for the home and sorry we can’t even compare it with Chromecast because it is way just more than a normal streaming device.


  • Alexa integration
  • You can control TV, Soundbar, Blue-Ray player, gaming consoles and much more.
  • You can even control your cable connection.
  • If you are an Amazon Prime user then you will be able to access tons of free contents.
  • It supports 4K video streaming along with HDR10 and Dolby Atmos Audio.


  • No Youtube.
  • No Dolby Vision.

You can Buy it From Amazon

4. Apple TV 4K:

Quite costly but the feature-packed Apple TV 4K. if the budget is not an issue for your pocket then you can have a look on Apple TV 4K. The new Apple TV comes with 4K video streaming along with high-definition audio. The best thing which we have found about the Apple TV is It uses the same A10X chipset that has been used by iPad pro. This means it is going to be the fastest streaming device ever. Therefore, Apple TV 4K is already enough to handle the process and able to play the High Definition iOS games too.

Apple TV comes with 2 variant options of inbuilt storage which is 32 and 64 GB with the help of the inbuilt space You will be able to store the contents on Apple TV itself for watching it later. Apart from this, you can get the BluRay movies at the cheapest price compared to the other stores along with Apple TV. Like, Alexa Apple TV is integrated with Siri which is totally useful for me to find the things that I am looking for with the simple and unique user interface.

Apple TV 4K

Apple TV itself comes with touch remote which is able to control all the features and like Chromecast you will be able to Project your IOS phone content on a big screen using Airplay on your iPhone. That is even great and if you are looking for the faster system Apple TV is for you.


  • It supports 4K video with HDR and Dolby vision.
  • Super fast processor using the A10X chipset
  • Inbuilt Apple own’s app store.
  • Siri integration to make the things easier.
  • You can even play games on your TV.


  • Too much expensive.
  • Remote is not up to the mark.
  • There is no support for Dolby Atmos Audio.

You can Buy it from Amazon

5. Roku Ultra:

Roku Ultra is just like the Roku Streaming Stick++. Just like the Amazon Fire TV 4K is to FireTV Cube. Roke Ultra over Roku Streaming Stick++ if the money is not a problem for you then opting for Roku Ultra is a better choice. Roku Ultra is one of the best and powerful players comes with Quad Core processor and live wireless activities. Unlike Roku streaming Stick++ it is not slower, in fact, it is even faster than before.

Roku Ultra

Apart from this, Roku Ultra comes with a fully featured packed remote and the voice control function that was missing in Roku Streaming Stick++ along with this you will be able to find your remote using lost remote feature if you have misplaced it somewhere. (that’s quite interesting). While Roku Ultra is pure wireless device it comes with an option of Ethernet port so you can even use the wired connection for streaming the 4K content or you can even use your WiFi system. It’s proved that Roku Ultra is better than Roku Streaming Stick++ and far above than Chromecast.


  • Easy User Interface system.
  • It supports all the major streaming services provider.
  • Tons of free content to consume
  • Can control the volume and power of the TV
  • Supports Dolby Atmos surround sound
  • Headphone jack on the remote allows you to watch TV without making noise


  • No voice control support (restricted voice search only)
  • Dolby Vision is not supported

Buy It From Amazon

6. Nvidia Shield TV:

The Nvidia Shield TV is for the users who love to play games along with the movies. Nvidia Shield TV comes with 4K HDR Video Streaming along with High-Definition audio by Dolby Atmos and DTS-X sound. The Nvidia Shield TV supports the Android Play store which enables the users to install various applications like Youtube, Netflix and all. This will give access to all the channels that you want to watch on a big screen in 4K HDR mode. Just like the Chromecast it also supports Android to screen projecting system. Meanwhile, you will be able to cast your photos and videos on a big screen through your Android phone.

Nvidia Shield TV

If we talk about the gaming then you can easily stream the games through the Nvidia RIG from your PC directly to your TV and if you are not having the High-end gaming PC then you can use the Nvidia RIG Streaming service to directly stream the games into your TV through an online server. It is just more than a normal 4K device and if you ever compared it with Chromecast then Nvidia will win.


  • It Supports 4K HDR with Dolby ATMOS and DTS-X surround sound
  • It supports for casting media and photos from your Android device to TV
  • Comes with Nvidia GameStream support
  • Support for Nvidia GeForce Now for cloud gaming service
  • Remote is bundled in the box


  • Too expensive
  • The controller is sold separately
  • GeForce requires the additional subscription

You can Buy it From Amazon

7. AirTame:

Airtame is not a competitor of Chromecast and doesn’t it is having features like the Chromecast still we have included in our list as it is one of the alternatives that you can use. Just like the Chromecast, which allows you to project the files through your Android into TV, the Airtame is bit different it allows you to cast the files from your Windows, Linux and Mac OS directly to your TV.


Airtame is especially used for educational purposes only as it is quite easy to connect and screen the PC files on a larger TV screen. It would be grateful for giving lectures or presentations. However, you can even use the mobile applications of Airtame to cast the video and photos from your Android and iOS device to directly into your TV. This software is basically for the work purposes only as it makes the process much easier.


  • It will cast directly from various devices that include Windows, Linux, and macOS
  • It is an excellent device for presentation and lectures
  • Stream to multiple screens


  • Not meant for media consumption
  • Have to use AirTame’s app to cast from any device
  • Very expensive

You can buy it from Amazon

The Verdict:

There is no doubt the Chromecast is one of the awesome media streaming device that comes under budget but the features and the lack of user interface that forced me to move on better Chromecast alternatives. The list we have added based on the features that most of us are mostly looking for in a media streaming device. In this list, we have added the less priced and the expensive products too. As we know every good thing comes with an expensive price, unlike Chromecast.

Again, if you are looking for the best alternative for the Chromecast then I think the list of 7 best Chromecast alternatives will surely help you out. You can always comment down below if you are having any questions that you might want to ask us.

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