5 Best Android Emulator For Mac You Should Try Today

Android Emulators? What is this? If You are still asking this question then trust me you are not in the modern world of the internet. Still, Let me explain Android emulators are those who allow us to use Android as an operating system on our computer. However, You’ve been heard about the Emulators for windows? but have you heard about the Best Android¬†emulators for mac? Yes, There are some emulators which are available for Mac Os. From these emulators, You can easily do all the tasks you wanted to do in your android phone.

Android emulator is useful if you don’t have any android device and still want to use some applications which are available for the Android only. Undoubtedly, It’s possible with some of the emulators only.

Mostly we get some fake emulators for Android. Which pretend to be original and from the official source but actually they are a kind of malware or virus which can affect your system. Trusted android emulators normally available in Windows operating system. But don’t worry, if You are a Mac user then we have added the best android emulators for mac in our list below. They are Trusted and from the official source so you don’t need to be worried about any malware or virus.

Best Android Emulator For Mac:

Before continue, Please ask yourself first the android emulators are good but it can also slow down your system. Yes, Even if You are using SSD as Storage. Sometimes, But it will. Furthermore, We have added only those emulators who require less memory to consume you check it out below.


Bluestacks one of the best android emulator for mac. Bluestacks was launched in 2009 By former CTO of McAfee. Currently, Bluestacks is used by almost 350+ Million users worldwide. Just because of it’s fast loading speed, Tweaks, and Features. Currently, the latest bluestacks is running on Android 6 as an Operating system.

If We talk about the features of Bluestack then it’s Providing all those android features which everyone needs and you can get it easily on your desktop. The best part of the Application is It’s available for both Windows and Mac users.

Bluestacks - Android Emulator For Mac
Bluestacks – Android Emulator For Mac

Bluestacks is a Cloud-based Platform, Where You can install android application on Windows and MAC platform. If We talk about the security, Then this application will not ask you any personal information, Just you need to log in with your Google account if you want to get access of google play store in Emulator for downloading any application.

Apart from this, Bluestacks also allows users to Live Stream To Twitch. Making easier for the gamers who want to record and share their gameplay. Furthermore, It also allows you to do multitasking like High-end Smartphones. You can Easily install any applications via.APK File or Directly from Play Store.

It doesn’t matter whether you are a Windows user or Mac user Its just too much easy to install the bluestacks in your system. Just You have to download the Bluestacks from the official website and then simply follow the installation procedure on your screen. (It Hardly takes 10-15 mins to Install). Still, You want to know more about Bluestacks then you can read about Bluestacks in Wikipedia.

Download Bluestacks


Another emulator in our list is Droid4X. One of the fastest emulator for mac according to the references its one of the fast working emulator with excellent performance in Mac. It’s Perfectly working Fine in Macbook air with Blazing speed.

This emulator is specially made for the gamers due to its high performance and less lagging rate. Means one can play their favorite games of android devices on their Laptop. Sounds good? Yes.

Droid4X - Android Emulator For Mac
Droid4X – Android Emulator For Mac

We have already mentioned This emulator is especially for gamers. It provides you access with a big screen. However, some of the emulators don’t provide full-screen experience but in Droid4X you will be able to Play Your Favorite games or run applications in the Full-screen mode.

It also supports ARM Applications and compatible with 99% Android application available in the play store. Apart from this, This emulator also supports the multi-touch feature. So, You will be able to play those games who requires multi-touch.

Addition to the above features, Droid4X is Perfect and the Best Android Emulator For Mac. If You are a Gamer then it will be good for your long lasting gaming sessions due to its high performance and even you don’t have to wait for your game to be the load. It’s perfectly working fine in Macbook.

Last, If You prefer the use of the android emulator is only gaming then I don’t think there would be any better Emulator than this. I Will definitely recommend you for this.

Download DroidX


Genymotion is specially designed to be used for testing the bugs in the application in Virtual save the environment. It’s specially made for the developers but as it is an Emulator so anyone can install it on their device and use it.

According to Genymotion developers, They will provide support and allow you to choose any android version as an operating system but until Lollipop (2.3-5.0).

GenyMotion - Android Emulator For Mac
GenyMotion – Android Emulator For Mac

Furthermore, in order to use Genymotion you need to create an account with it and then you will be able to install the virtual android screen on your MacBook. The best part of this emulator is its available for Windows as well. But we are talking about Mac OS here so yes its compatible with Mac OS too.

Moreover, If you are a developer itself then this emulator will be the perfect choice for you. You can test the bugs or performance of your created application easily in the Virtual and risk-free environment. Sound good? Right! So, In This way you will be able to find some bugs or if any issues with application performance and then you can fix it easily before publishing your application publicly.

Apart from this, Genymotion also supports webcam so you can even use any android application in the emulator for doing video calls or chats. It Will use the webcam available on your MacBook.

The Current version of Genymotion allows the 40 different Types of Android devices and almost All versions of Android. I Don’t about the latest Android 9 But still, maybe they will add it soon.

Download Genymotion


Manymo one of the only Android Emulator which works inside the browser Window. Means, You don’t have to download and install in your system in order to use this emulator. The first benefit of using this emulator is you can save the storage of your system, You don’t have to compromise with the speed you are getting currently and at last the best part of this Emulator is its available on every Operating system as it’s on Web UI based so it doesn’t require any installation in any system.

This emulator is only for those who are having an Extremely fast internet connection as if you are browsing on low-speed internet connection then I don’t think this one is for you. Even For Browsing, You need the Web browser for your mac. The reason, It requires a good internet connection to work properly without any lagging etc.


Apart from this, If You are a Macbook user then this one will be perfect for you if you want to explore the android on your MacBook system. This makes the Manymo Best Android Emulator for Mac.

However, Everything is having one major drawback and the drawback of Manymo is – If You are a gamer and want to play some Android games on this emulator in your Macbook then this emulator is not for you until and until you are having a good internet connection. On the other side, If you are a developer then manymo will be the perfect choice for you to test the applications you have created without installing any third party application in your Macbook.

Download Manymo


Andy, not the best option if you are looking for the Best Android emulators for your Macbook. Andy took almost a few minutes to install as normal emulator will take around 10 Minutes to install in the system. The Reason of Mentioning Andy in our list is simple, Just we want to aware you of its causes. It’s not best but Its okay for some normal tasks you wanna do in your Macbook.

The major drawback of this emulator is while installing the emulator in our system. It encourages us to install a “Free Malware” Type software named “Easy MacBook cleaner” which can cause a lot of issues later on your MacBook.


When I have first used this application in my Macbook air then Just after Few days I have to uninstall it just because of some unwanted issues. Moreover, This emulator is Running on Android 4.4 and there is no option to Upgrade it maybe they will fix these kinds of issues in the future.

If we talk about the Performance of this emulator, Then performance is almost Average we can’t even think to compare with Bluestacks which is one of the Best Android Emulator For Mac.

Note: According to the Reddit users Andy also installs a Cryptocurrency miner which runs in the background even after Program is closed. “This news is not confirmed yet”

Download Andy

Things You Need to Know Before Choosing Android Emulator For Macbook:

We have added some of the checklists which you should prefer before choosing any Emulator or installing in your system. Because many of the fake emulators contain some malware and one wrong step can ruin your system.


If Any android emulator is asking you the price then don’t just buy it. The reason, Almost all the Best Android Emulator which are available for Mac as well as Windows are Free. You don’t need to pay a single penny in order to get that specific emulator.

Ease of Setup:

Always look for the emulator which provides Ease of Setup. Like You can easily install the emulator in your MacBook without any Disturbance or something like which force you to install a specific application in order to install that Particular Emulator like Andy.


Always look for the performance as in the terms of performance I always prefer Bluestacks for Doing heavy activities on PC. As if you are playing some games then it requires a fast processing system in order to prevent lagging.


If You are worried about the latest android versions in the Android emulators then always go for the Latest updated version of Android Emulator. Because some of the emulators don’t provide you the option to update.


Features is another important thing you should look for while choosing the best android emulator for Mac. Like the Loading time, processing and is it Integrated with Play store or not.

Mac Compatibility:

Obviously, if You are here you will be looking for the Emulators which are Mac compatible.


Android Emulators are mainly used to run the Android applications or games on the PC/Macbook. But there are only a few emulators which are available for the MacOSX. Furthermore, We have added the list of some Best Android Emulators which are Available for Mac.

You can check out the lists as well as their drawbacks before choosing and installing it in your system. Android Emulators are something which every Macbook users want to use The reason can be anything whether they want to test their developed applications or want to have a look of Android in Mac or They want to play the Best android games on their MacBook.

Still having any queries? You can always ask us in the comments section and even suggest your own views about these Emulators or Suggest some New Android emulators which are available for mac.

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