7 Best Android Apps To Unfollow on Instagram [Catch The Culprit]

Instagram is one of the popular social media platforms which recently gained the huge number of users in its platform in a short period of a time. Just after the acquisition by the Facebook. If we talk about the basic usage of the Instagram, it’s a social media application which let us share the photos and videos in our profile and make it even attractive than a normal Facebook profile. Therefore, Instagram Bios even worked great to collaborate with other necessary edits.

With all the pleasant and awesome stuff, there is one drawback and some unpleasant kind of work that has been done by your followers and that is unfollowing your profile and the worst thing about Instagram is it doesn’t notify you about the follower who unfollows you.

However, there is nothing to worry about this as a famous writing stated: “Remove negativity from your life” and thus, you can apply it in real life. There are several Android apps to unfollow on Instagram. With the help of these applications, you’ll be notified every single time you a lose a follower from your account.

Best Free Android Apps To Unfollow On Instagram:

Honestly, these applications worked as a third party agent or we can say the app developers who provide us the access way more than the normal one and one of the access is the “Unfollow on Instagram.” Meanwhile, it means whenever any of your followers unfollow you the application will notify you for sure and you can check out the profile of a person who is not following you anymore and rest is up to you what you wanna do to deal with it.

Let’s check out the applications to unfollow on Instagram.

  • Unfollowers For Instagram
  • Follow Cop
  • Unfollow For Instagram
  • Followers Cheif
  • Unfollowers and Followers Analytics
  • Unfollowers and Ghost Followers
  • Follower tracker for Instagram

1. Unfollow For Instagram:

If you want to make Your tracking experience easier then Unfollow on Instagram is for you. You can easily track the list of followers who are not following you back but you are following them and can easily remove them from your profile by doing a mass unfollow. Because you do not need of such crappy persons who are following you but after some time, they started unfollowing You.

Unfollow For Instagram

Unfollow For Instagram is specially made for tracking these kinds of issues only and with the help of the application you will be easily able to get the list and can easily do a single click mass unfollow.

Main Features:

  • Simple UI to Track the users.
  • Single Unfollow and Multiple unfollow Options
  • Detailed Report.


2. Unfollowers For Instagram:

We don’t want the peoples who are following us will unfollow us back and honestly, it is the bitter truth that should be in knowledge of every person. No one wants to lose its followers and even if they lose they want to know the person and the Reason why the Person unfollowed you. Well, If you use the Instagram application then It is kinda impossible to know the person who unfollowed You. But, with the help of Unfollowers for Instagram, it is possible to know the person who has unfollowed you.

Unfollowers For Instagram

Unfollowers For Instagram helps you to get notified about the followers of yours. It will instantly notify about the follower who has unfollowed you not even this you will be also notified if any of your followers has blocked you.

Main Features:

  • Story Analysis.
  • Your Full account statistics.
  • You will be notified about the followers who are not following you.
  • You can easily track your gained and lost followers.


3. UnFollowers and Followers Analytics For Instagram:

If you want to get a detailed report about your royal Instagram followers who are not unfollowing then it is the easy way to get your hands on unfollowers and followers analytics for Instagram. It is one of the popular applications which has been used to unfollow on Instagram and has around 1000’s of downloads in the Play store. Unfollowers and Followers Analytics for Instagram comes with their own Insta Tracker to get the things done easily.

UnFollowers and Followers Analytics For Instagram

You can easily get the information about your Instagram followers that the followers who are following you, who unfollows You, The new followers, likes, comments, ghost followers and much more information about your Instagram account. You will be easily able to check the followers who are loyal to you. This makes the application is slightly different from the others we have listed in our list.

Main features:

  • You will be able to see the analytics and status of your Instagram profile.
  • You will be notified for the followers who are not following you.
  • You will be notified for the new followers.
  • Easy to understand report for your Profile.


4. Followers Chief:

Just Like the Follow Cop, Followers Chief can be a chief manager of your Instagram account. If you are owning a professional and very much popular Instagram account then it is good to get your hands with Followers Chief. Followers Chief is one of the popular application to know the details and statistics of your Instagram account and one of the best parts of this application is it is totally ad-free and thus, It can be your best buddy to enhance your Instagram experience.

Followers Chief - Unfollow on Instagram

Unfollowing a single user can be a time taking and the difficult task but with the help of followers chief, you will be able to unfollow minimum of 200 users in a single click by sorting them into a list who are not following you back. You can also check the statistics of the likes, comments on your Instagram posts. Furthermore, you will be notified every single time when you lose or gain any follower.

Main Features:

  • You will be able to see all the statistics of your followers and unfollowers on the insight.
  • Multiple and single click unfollow the users who do not follow you back.
  • You can see your popularity score and status by analyzing the number of followers, likes, and comments.


5. Follow Cop:

Follow cop works exactly same as it name “Cop”. Follow cop is a Cop of your Instagram account which helps you to manage your Instagram account properly. It is not just a regular unfollower counter application instead it will also manage Your Instagram profile in a professional way. It comes with Global Shortcut for getting the more visibility of your Instagram profile.

Follow Cop - Android App to Unfollow on Instagram

So, with the help of this application, you will be able to learn more about your Instagram profile and also track the unfollowers and followers of 20 in just a single click.

Main Features:

  • You can add up to 3 Instagram accounts.
  • Comes with Global Shortcut.
  • You can easily do mass Unfollow.
  • Track the status of Your Followers.


6. Follower Tracker for Instagram:

If You are in need of a smart application and an account manager for your Instagram profile then Follower Tracker for Instagram is one of them. It comes with the smart user interface and helps you to get the detailed report about your Instagram profile about the number of followers, followings and also it will let you notified about the followers who are not following you now.

Follower Tracker for Instagram Best App to Unfollow

You will able to analyze your profile and status score just by checking the number of followers you are having, the number of likes and comments on your post and you will get your popularity score on the application. The best part of this application is it is free to use and there are no adverts in between to disturb you.

Main Features:

  • You can check out the gain and loss of your followers.
  • Easy to manage Instagram Analytics
  • Track your posts performance.
  • You can find out the ghost followers of Yours.
  • You can easily catch out the users who are interested in you.


7. UnFollowers and Ghost Followers:

Unfollowers and ghost follower is one of the free application that is available to use in terms of analyzing the Instagram profile. You will be able to see the report about the followers who unfollows You, your new followers, your mutual followers and the Ghost Followers in just a single application.

UnFollowers and Ghost Followers

You will also able to see the quick status of your profile like the number of following and the number of followers. Also, you will be notified about the followers are who are no longer following you. Apart from this, You will be able to unfollow the users who are not following you anymore.

Main Features:

  • You can easily promote yourself through a global shortcut.
  • You can unfollow the users directly from the application.
  • Easy to use User interface.
  • Quick status of Your profile.
  • Whitelisting.


The Verdict:

Getting the right amount of followers on your Instagram profile is not an easy task at all. It requires a lot of time until you are good enough to gain the popularity in Instagram. There are some applications which are used to track the status of your Instagram profile and let you know about the things that you need to do in order to increase the number of real followers in your profile.

In between these good things, there are some users who follow you but later unfollows you and getting the information of the users who are not following you anymore is not possible with Instagram real applications. Hence, the Unfollow on Instagram applications has been used to identify the users who are not following you anymore. With the help of the applications, you will be able to track the followers and much more information about your profile. If you do have any issues while using any application you can always ask us in the comments section we will be there to help with your query.

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