Wayback Machine Alternatives

Since the Archive Wayback machine is on the Top but sometimes it won’t work for some of the websites. I Agree they are having a Huge database over the other alternatives of the Wayback machines but still, It lacks sometimes. Therefore, We are heading over to provide you with the Best Wayback Machine Alternatives which you can try and use it for your research.

Best Wayback Machine Alternatives 2018:

Although, Before heading over directly to the main part. You’ll be in need of few things and ensures that it works perfectly otherwise Your System Might lag or you will not able to see the archive on any website. The things You need to ensure that they are fine are – Your Browser (Depends If You are on Windows browser or Mac Browser). Seconds, You have to cross check the internet connection connectivity. Third Find out the website for which you want to know the history of its previous owner.

Alright, Now You are good to go. Let’s move into the main part and check out the list of some Wayback alternatives that we have listed below.

#1. Archive.is:

Archive.is is one of the best and old alternative of the Wayback machine. Due to it’s Simple and classic looking features peoples still prefer to use this over the others. It’s also known as Time-Capsule for the websites. It Stores the data even if the website got deleted or suspended by the owner. You can still access to the history that what the owner has been done to this website in the past.

Archive.is - Wayback Machine Alternative

The best part of Archive.is You can get the screenshots and the crawls pages easily even the owner has been stopped by robots.txt. Unlike others, It doesn’t support the robots.txt rules and get the archiving done. You will not only get the screenshots of any website you will also get the code which has been used to crawl that particular page.

How to use archive.is:

It’s too simple to use archive.is. Just go and collect the requirements which we have mentioned in the starting. Just You have to find the domain for which you want to see the screenshots from the archive.

Just head over to the search website panel once you are done with finding the domain. enter the domain URL and then hit Enter. Now You will be able to check the history and screenshots for any particular website.

#2. Screenshots.com:

Screenshots are one of the most popular and can be considered as the Best alternatives for the Wayback machine. If You are one of them who want to look over the website that how it exactly looks in the past by the previous owner, Then screenshots is for you. It will let you search the website that you were looking for and shows you the exact screenshot through the cached pages that how the website was in actual.

Wayback Alternative - Screenshots.com

If You want to know how the screenshots work, Then screenshots collect its data from the whois database and this proceeds for the archiving for any particular website. Currently, They are having 250 Million cached pages in their database.

The best part of using the screenshots is if the website you were looking for was updated frequently in the past then it must be having the data for every page of any particular website. Apparently, If we compare the screenshots with Wayback machine then Screenshots is only have crawled the 250 Million pages in their database and on the other side Wayback machine is having the archive for more than 460 Billions Pages. If We count over the pages then screenshots is nothing in the front of Wayback machine.

Still, Wayback machine will not able to provide the actual looks that how the website really looked in the past that’s why the peoples still prefer the screenshots over the other ones.

How to use screenshots:

It’s very much simple to use the Screenshots.com. Just head over the Search Website place and enter the website URL for which you want to know the history of its Previous owner, That what he did to the website in the past and then press enter. It will show you the cached screenshots and pages that have been crawled by the screenshots.

Some of the Other Alternatives of Wayback machine:

The ones which we have listed above are the Best but sometimes they also don’t meet your expectations and for This, You can have a look at some other Alternatives other than the ones which we have mentioned above and check out if it works for you.

#3. DomainTools:

Domaintools is one of the best tools to check the WHOIS details of any particular website. DomainTools is also known to be used the IP address and screenshots of any Particular website. Since It’s free like the above ones and According to me it crawls all the website especially those who are not using any Whois Protection and get you the details for each page that has been cached by Domaintools. Sounds cool? Right.


According to me, It will meet your expectations for sure as You can use this tool to even check the previous owner history.

#4. iTools:

iTools is somewhat different from the actual Wayback Machine. It Provides you some other details of the Website Like what was the traffic of any website earlier. It uses the Alexa API to Fetch the details hence it is totally based on the Alexa Records.


Still, It can be one of the useful tools for your research if You are not having the Premium subscription of Alexa. iTools is currently free to use and can provide you with even much more features for users and analyzing the websites.

#5. Alexa:

Who doesn’t know about this popular website? Alexa is has been acquired by the Team Amazon. Since It’s Amazon Product we can have a Trust. Its Popular tool the analyzing any website that how much traffic that any particular site will be receiving. We can have a guess through the Ranks which has been decided by the Alexa for any website depends upon the particular country users and how much visitors are visiting the site daily.


It’s come with Free and Premium options to Research. The free version is only capable to show you the Alexa Rank for any particular website but the premium one is having some of the Awesome Features That You might be looking for.

#6. PageFreezer:

PageFreezer uses the Crawling Technology which is similar to the google. It acts as a researcher for you. It crawls every single page of the website if Its crawlable by the bot. You Just have to sign in into the website and then You can head over to the Website History tool for checking out the screenshots which have been tooked by the pagefreezer.


It’s somewhat Like the Wayback machine but it doesn’t have any much data to get compared with the Wayback Machine. Hence, It can be a Good Alternative for Archive. It’s free to use so, You can have a try as there is nothing wrong in trying because we don’t know when and which things will work for us.

#7. Stillio Automatic Screenshots:

It is something like similar to the PageFreezer. Its name itself defines what it used to work. Stillio is a Free automated tool which helps you to create a better archive version of Your website. However, It has some limitations and can’t be directly compared to the Wayback machine.

Stillio Automatic Screenshots

We can say It’s the Limited version for archived web pages over the internet also, They don’t have access to much data over the internet. Since its promises then you can give it a try.

#8. Yubnub:

If You are one of them who is looking for the business-related information of any particular website like from which country the previous owner belongs or the contact details of the Previous owner then Yubnub is for You. It does not directly work like a Wayback Machine but still, it can provide you the details for the previous owners of any particular website.


Yubnub its simple to use just like a Search engine. Just You have to enter the Website URL and then you have to Hit the enter button and You are done.


If You are a well known digital or internet marketer then using a Perfect Wayback Machine is Essential for your business. It will not only help your business also it will help you to check the age and other factors which You must consider it before buying any Expired domain. Reasons, Sometimes the Previous owners have messed up the website or using an unethical content that has been prohibited by the google.

So, You have to cross-check twice the archive before making any decisions and sometimes the Wayback machine also not able to provide you the correct data of any particular website and if You are one of them who is facing this issue. Then You can give it a try to Some of the best wayback machine alternatives which you can use to get the particular results you want. Still, If You are having any doubts you can ask in the comments we will surely try to respond to you as quick as possible.


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