Amazon is looking into Launching UK Insurance Comparison Website

According to the recent update and reports from the Reuters, It’s almost confirmed that Amazon is looking into launching a UK Insurance Comparison based website soon. recently, they have contacted some of the Insurance companies whether they are interested to be listed on this comparison based website.

Still, it’s news there is no confirm date till now that when will Amazon launch the website for Insurance comparison. They have just talked with the insurers and also stated that “there is no immediate launch plan”. When this question has been asked to amazon they simply declined to comment on this report.

Well, There are many other sites available for UK Insurance comparison Websites such as comparethemarket and this launch of Amazon may surely gonna challenge them for sure. However, It’s not yet confirmed when will they launch but it would be surely a challenge for those Insurance comparison websites. Considering Amazon reach and resources they are having.

This is What Reuters Report is telling about this Plan of Amazon:

  1. Amazon did not yet confirm what type of insurance they will run on their new startup. It can be Home, Life or even Car insurance.
  2. Amazon declined to comment on this topic also stated this talks is confidential and cannot be released in Public.
  3. This UK insurance site by Amazon also will offer “Amazon Protect” to Europe.
  4. Amazon can expect a rise in sales after the launch of the Insurance comparison website.
  5. Price compare website can also bring some traffic to the main and can lead to bringing more sales – Hottovy said.
  6. It’s not clear that what kind of financial arrangements they will bring n order to launch their new startup.
  7. In Europe, Amazon has already a partnership with The Warranty Group from 2016 to offer warranty extensions to their customers.
  8. A Comparison site will provide customers to have access and data of different insurance websites and they can easily get their by just comparing them.
  9. Car Insurers ADML.L is also relied on comparison websites and would love to join the new startup by Amazon. As they believe, it can lead to generating more sales as compare of now.
  10. However, not only admiral many of such insurers would love to be a part of this startup – john said to Reuters.

As, told earlier, This report is still not confirmed and amazon is already keeping this data confidental from the news. So, we can’t expect any launching date of this startup by Amazon as of now. but still, we can expect this one would be the challanging startup from amazon to already running Insurance comparison websites.

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